7 Most Incredible And Expensive Cruises In The World

If you love to travel and are a restless spirit, one of your greatest desires is to cruise at some point in your life. Ride the waves, visit new cities every day, rest in a nice cabin, dinner in a cruise restaurant and much more. The fact is that cruises offer every luxury and comfort for their passengers, hence always associated to a dream trip and so many people dream of going on one. If it is in your future plans here’s a selection of the best cruises in the world.

A journey among glaciers

What if you could see glaciers from a suite? Many cruises cover a route that runs along the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver, Canada, to Seward, Alaska. The most famous ship that plows through these seas is the Seven Seas Mariner of RSSC. For some suites and rooms the prices range from 3,000 and 12,000 euros. The cruise passes through steep mountains, cities covered by ice and snow and glaciers. A luxury cruise!


Harmony of the Seas

The world’s largest cruise ship, accommodating no less than 8,000 people, the Royal Caribbean International Boat has tennis and basketball courts, a water park, zip line, gardens, a theater, restaurants, cinemas, shops and much more. The huge floating city transits the Mediterranean sea and departs from Barcelona to tour Mallorca, Marseille, the island of Capri, Naples or Rome. Cruise prices are more than affordable (around 2,800 euros) and in the coming months it will also begin sailing the Caribbean seas.


Disney cruise

A tale experience. If you like movies drawings or are thinking about taking a cruise with kids, you will fall in love with the Disney Dream. The ship departs from Cape Canaveral, Florida, towards the Bahamas and runs throughout the year. On board, the fun is guaranteed for everyone: roller coasters, shows, tours, interactive games, hidden clues and much more. Moreover, almost all rooms have balconies, so you will not miss the spectacular views at any time.

Sun Kissed Dream

The only cruise to the Galapagos Islands

Celebrity Xpedition is the only cruise that runs the Galapagos Islands. While small (hosts only 90 passengers), it is ideal if you want to rest and escape the crowds. The price of your ticket will range between 2,000 euros and 9,000 euros. Thanks to it you will see sea lions, dolphins, zapayas, iguanas, turtles and an endless list of exotic animals.


A trip to the Arctic

The MS Fram is one of the few boats that juts into the two poles of the planet, Antarctica and the Arctic, throughout the year. With capacity for 300 people, the boat is built to sail in icy large currents and cold marine areas. From the cruise you can see dolphins, sea lions, polar bears, whales and especially icebergs. A spectacular trip in the freezing countryside.


Around the world in 88 days

Is going around the world one of your biggest dreams? Then you’ll be pleased to know that with Costa Cruises you can do that. On board the Costa Deliziosa you can visit Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Australia, India, and Jordan, all in 88 days to finish again in the Mediterranean, in Italy. Of course, logically an experience worth its weight in gold: the cruise price ranges between 12,000 and 60,000 euros per person.


Norwegian fjords on an incredible cruise

Crystal Symphony cruise offers a route through the beautiful Norwegian fjords, starting in Antwerp and ending in Oslo. With capacity for 900 people, the ship is considered to be the most luxurious ship in the world. To give you an idea, a night in its spectacular rooms can cost up to 30,000 euros per night.


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