Amazing Experiences You’ll Have On Board A River Cruise

River cruises have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Having been to a couple, we decided to write today about what makes them so appealing. The reason is there’re thing you can do and see that are only possible during a river cruise.

Traveling aboard a ship sailing a river is not like getting to your hotel. You can’t come and go as you want and modify the route on the fly. On a cruise things work differently. It’s like a small village In other words a small community which you follow.

The Orchestra

There are usually artists and often an orchestra on board offering entertainment for passengers. Sometimes there are even comedians making the passengers with tricks and jokes.

To The Windows

While browsing through the river people will usually be scattered around the ship. However, when the ship gets within viewing distance from a point of interest, it will be announced through speakers. As that happens people will instantly gather around the windows or on the bow of the ship to see what is happening. It can be amusing when the point of interest is not that interesting but people don’t know that yet and are curious to see what it is. River Cruise 3

The Toast With The Captain

Sometimes the captain will visit the passengers in the dining room to see how they’re doing and if they’re enjoying the ride so far. Sometimes he will have a toast with them to a great river cruise! River Cruise 5

Cinema Traveling Mode

On a cruise of this kind there’s always something happening and there are so many gorgeous things to see that time flies by really fast. But just like a movie at the cinema, once you’re past a point, you can’t go back, so it’s best to enjoy things as they come and don’t dwell on a single spot for too long. It is very curious to see the scenery go by and feel that if you miss it, it won’t return. River Cruise 4

So Many Things In Such Little Space

It’s impossible to explain how small the rooms in river cruises are yet how they can fit so many things inside. Closet, double bed, nightstand, desk with drawers and chair, coat rack, another closet and a bathroom! It’s really incredible and it doesn’t feel clustered either. Of course this depends on the cruise and luxury will define the quality of the cruise. River Cruise 2


Cruise ships have a schedule and certain timetables. Make sure to keep up with them so that you don’t get left behind on land during short stops. During short breaks in beautiful ports, on the exit door there’s a sign with the time when the ship will depart again. Usually there’s sufficient time to enjoy a bit of time on land and see the port before continuing with your trip. River Cruise

Final Words

We could tell a thousand more stories, because a cruise is quite fascinating and the first in your life is going to be a very pleasant surprise. What is true is that in all these situations, what you have left are very good memories and a desire to do it again. Definitely an amazing experience!

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Photos: Gary Bembridge, gaby, M Cheung, Stanley Zimny, Kyle Pang.

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