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Grotta Azzurra

Italy | A day in Capri

Capri is one of the most beautiful places of southern Italy (and also an easy getaway from Naples). You can wander aimlessly through the streets of the old town, climb to its highest point to...
Enjoy the view from the ship

Spring trips for the weekend | Europe

Spring is here and this has set the mood for last-minute excursions and trips. In this article you can check some of the most interesting cities to visit in Europe, even if all the...
Mexico Playa Escondida

The top 5 beaches in Mexico

The beaches of Mexico can be divided into three major areas, the Caribbean coast to the south east, the Gulf of Mexico to the east and the Pacific coast to the west. The Riviera...

What to see in Moeraki, New Zealand

On a small fishing village found in the south of Oamaru New Zealand is where you can find a geological wonder. The Moeraki boulders are spherical stones which are situated on a sandy beach....

15 Things to Do for First Time Visitors of York, England

First time traveling to York? Here are some of the most beautiful and important parts of the city to see and explore!
Portpatrick, Dumfriesshire

Forgotten Scotland: Visiting Wigtownshire, the southernmost tip of Dumfries and Galloway

Tired of tourists? Fed up of crowds? Bored of queuing? Need a break? Head into Scotland, and drive east. Don’t stop. Don’t stop until you reach the end of Dumfries and Galloway. Don’t stop,...
Grand Central Station Interior

The Grand Central Station of New York

The Grand Central Station is one of the most visited places in New York City, after the Statue of Liberty and after the Empire State Building (now superseded by the new Freedom Tower). It...
Nosy Iranja

Dream beaches of Madagascar

Madagascar, also called The Big Island, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, where the wild nature reigns supreme. The fourth largest island in the world has some characteristics that make...

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