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Grand Palace Bangkok

What to Do Your First Time in Bangkok

If you're about to visit Bangkok, Thailand for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by all the things you can do and see there. Where do you start? Take the time to get...

The best spas in the world

Relaxation time! Turn off your smartphone, disconnect from all your social media accounts, stop checking the news feed and try to clear your mind of everyday thoughts and dream of the best spas of...
Warsaw, Poland

Discovering Warsaw | The capital of Poland

Warsaw is a city that can not be compared to the most famous European capitals, but for this reason, for the spirit of adventure and for an economic factor, it is great to discover...

The Best Neighborhoods in Prague

If you plan to stay in Prague on your next trip to the Czech Republic, then you’ve made a fun and wise choice. Prague has an incredible list of remarkable and fascinating destinations you can be sure to enjoy yourself along with everyone around you. Here are the top destinations for you to stay in the city.

15 Things to Do in Amsterdam If You Are Visiting for the First Time

Despite its small size, Amsterdam is packed with attractions that choosing where to go and what to do can be overwhelming for a first-time traveler.

Leshan Giant Buddha in China

It’s the largest Buddha statue in the world, just think that is 71 meters high and can be seen from dozens of miles away and a finger of its foot is bigger than one...

The Recipe for a Perfect Tour in Bangkok

When you want to go on holiday to Bangkok with some of your friends or family you need to make sure that the holiday is a success. This means you will need to do a spot of organisation so your holiday is one you’ll always remember. Here’s what you need to take into consideration:

South Africa, the most beautiful travel destinations ever

South Africa has always been one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, a place that’s practically never running out of things to see, since the variety of scenery and activities available are...

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