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Off the Beaten Tracks – A Leisurely Weekend in Zurich

Although Zurich is not the official capital of Switzerland, it holds the status of the most diverse, cultural, and lively place in the country. Here are some insider tips for your stay.
London, England

Impressive Chinatowns around the world

China's influence around the world is evident in our daily life. Chinese products, Chinese restaurants and a unique tradition unfold before our eyes at every opportunity. Around the world there are created dozens of...

Northern Lights in Iceland – What to Do When Visiting Nature’s Own Theatre

If you’ve ever seen the Northern Lights, you’ll know how awe-inspiring they are. A streak of green dances across the sky, shifting and changing shape!

Dare to visit the Forbidden City

In our mind the Forbidden City is a myth, a symbol of a distant fairy-tale world, not a real place to travel. The center of power of the imperial China, however, is a place...
The alphabet surface

Welcome to the reconstruction of Library of Alexandria | Egypt

No wonder that one of the most important meetings of the editors of the largest encyclopedia in history, Wikipedia, took place under the roofs of the new Library of Alexandria, undoubtedly the most important...
Hiding Nemo, Great Barrier Reef

Queensland | Barrier reefs and rainforests

The North Queensland region of Australia is little-known to many travelers. It is a small peninsula that lies to the north-east of Australia, an area rich in natural beauty and endless outdoor activities to...
Iguazu falls

The 10 most beautiful landscapes in the world

1. Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina It is the most striking of the 365 block of ice in the Park of Los Glaciares National in Patagonia. Its fame has grown over the last seven years as the...

17 secrets that endear Big Ben to us

Neither Clock Tower, nor Elizabeth Tower. For us it will always be the 'Big Ben'. Being over a century and a half old, the tower remains shiny and proud for the thousands of tourists and Londoners that...

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