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The History Of The Colosseum Of Rome

There are places you must see at least once in life, and the Colosseum is one of them. An architectural work that has stood some two thousand years and has a very long and...

5 Cities You Haven’t Considered Traveling to That You Should

When you plan a vacation, most people tend to go to more popular places, right? It's usually cities they've read about or towns and attractions that have been recommended by friends and family. But that's about to change because there are plenty of small towns in America that are worth traveling to, even if you didn't even know they existed. These 5 cities you haven’t considered traveling to that you should are listed below.
The Wave, Arizona

The Wave of Arizona | A Great Wave That Captivates All

Near the border with Utah (United States), in the middle of the Arizona desert, is located a rare natural wonder known as The Wave, which annually attracts many hikers, photographers and adventurers for its...
Villa Borghese Park

Villa Borghese | The Green Lung Of Rome

Villa Borghese is presented as the green lung of Rome, and is considered the second largest public park in Rome (80 hectares) behind Villa Pamphili. For the Romans, Villa Borghese is the most famous and...

Everything Ecuador – What to See, Do, and Eat

Step aside Mexico; take some time off, Brazil. Ecuador is easily the greatest tropical destination in Latin America. Located in the very northwest corner of South America, the country boasts a beautifully diverse landscape...
Bora Bora Nui Resort Sunset

Where to stay in the exotic Bora Bora

In Bora Bora you can find the most luxurious hotels in Polynesia. They are all newly constructed buildings and some of them are more than 1000 square meters big. They consist of featured  bungalows...
Tschuggen Grand Hotel relaxing spa

The best spas in the world

Relaxation time! Turn off your smartphone, disconnect from all your social media accounts, stop checking the news feed and try to clear your mind of everyday thoughts and dream of the best spas of...

What to see in Norway

Norway is the westernmost, northernmost and easternmost of the Scandinavian countries, well known for it's numerous fjords, unspoiled scenery and great waterfalls. The Arctic Ocean is right off its coast. The capital of Norway is...

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