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Nazca's spiral monkey

Four places not to miss in the desert of Peru

If you're lucky enough to go to Peru and plan to go through its desert, then here are some things we advise you not to ever miss so your adventure's even more awesome: Ballestas Islands From Paracas...

What to see in Costa Rica

San Jose The first acquaintance with Costa Rica is of course through its capital San Jose, which is quite safe for foreigners. Moreover, the mere fact that since 1948 it has abolished its army, it...

10 Most Beautiful Villages In Northern Ireland

Here are the most magical and amazing villages in Northern Ireland. Come and discover them with us!

Visiting Albania

My trip to Albania lasted one week. After evaluating various opportunities I decided to make the trip by plane and then rent a car. Booked a flight through an agency I found on the...
Kalafatis beach

The best beaches on the island of Mykonos | Greece

The beaches of Mykonos, as it happens to the rest of Greek islands beaches, are all stunning thanks to the crystal clear waters and golden sand. Some beaches are well equipped for the most...
Innsbruck at Bergisel, the opposite of Nordkette

Innsbruck | The city trapped in the Austrian Alps

Hidden in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. Set deep between towering mountains, the city keeps precious monuments and picturesque streets: Innsbruck, the city trapped in the Alps. Innsbruck is in the heart of...
Tschuggen Grand Hotel relaxing spa

The best spas in the world

Relaxation time! Turn off your smartphone, disconnect from all your social media accounts, stop checking the news feed and try to clear your mind of everyday thoughts and dream of the best spas of...

10 Unmissable Things to Do in Dublin

Wonder around Temple Bar Dublin’s cultural quarter is dotted with galleries, quirky shops, restaurants and bars. During the day, it is full of tourists marvelling the place while during the night, it turns into party...

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