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Where is the Best Place to Stay in Bulgaria?

You may stay in exciting cities, beautiful beach destinations, energetic party towns, or quiet tranquil villages when visiting Bulgaria.

Have fun in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and bright cities and, above all, the most exciting ever to visit if you head in the United States of America. This city's greatest characteristic is...

What to see in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

When you are planning to visit Switzerland, you might want to allot time and check out Liechtenstein.  This is a small German speaking country with mountain scenery that shouldn’t be ignored by tourists. There...

A free ride around Buenos Aires by tramway

Throughout a century trams were the most popular means of transport in the capital of Argentina. And nowadays those who visit the city can enjoy a free ride by a historical tram around Buenos Aires. The history of...

Energy Vortexes in Sedona, Red Rock Country

Sedona is located in central Arizona, where the driest desert begins to give way to the hills and mountains of Flagstaff. Sedona is a favourite destination for Americans for its mild climate located at...
Etosha National Park

Thrills and Adventure activities on a Namibia Safari Tour

If you’re considering booking a trip to the soul of Africa, check out just some of the incredible adventure activities you can experience!
Prospect Park

The nature in New York: Prospect Park, Brooklyn

You are in New York, you are done shopping around and it's still early for the evening tour of aperitifs and restaurants, what can you do? One thing that New Yorkers love a lot:...

What to see in Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica is the official capital and the cultural center of Montenegro. Majority of the city was ruined during the World War II. For this reason you can find only modern structures and green areas...

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