Cheapest traveling gadgets, 2012

Let’s face it; travelling without a gadget is like travelling without money. In reality you will need to bring gadgets if you will be traveling from one place to another. It could be from digital cameras, GPS, iPods, headphones and a lot more. These gadgets are meant to make us enjoy the trip even more. As an advice, it is best avoid bringing expensive gadget on the trip. The thing is if you are a budget traveler, you can find cheap ones that can be useful and could make the most out of your adventure. Below are listed some of the cheapest gadgets for travel:

USB cables all-in-one
USB cables all-in-one


  • Leatherman multi-purpose tool is something that can come handy. It contains pliers,a screw driver, a cork screw, a scissor and a lot more depending on the model that you select. A complete set costs less than $30.


  • A LED flashlight is helpful for those who love to read and do things while traveling. Compared to bulbs, it can be said the LED is a way to go. There are some models that are pocket friendly, powerful and cheap. It is best to research for the best one.


  • Money clips are important especially for those who are traveling in areas where pick pockets are prevalent. This is helpful for those who are planning to carry loads of cash while on the trip. Instead of bringing bulk wallets, this is much slimmer and it is hard for thieves to reach.


  • A cable lock is a great investment and costs less than 10 dollars. This is best if you are planning to secure your belongings. There are cable locks that are light in weight.


  • There are travel space bags where you can fit a month’s clothing in a small carry on. You can suck the air out from it. You can find one that is less than $10. This is great for those who are planning to travel light.


  • Adaptor plugs are great for those who are planning to bring several devices from camera to cell phones. You can find the one with three outlets and USB jacks. This is very helpful so there is no need to find sockets where you can plug in your device.


  • If you love to take photos, you might want to find a tool that can stabilize your camera for better shots. This is equipment that can stabilize the camera and it is able to stand just about anywhere.


By Alba V

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