Edinburgh in a Nutshell

Scotland is one of the most fascinating regions of Britain, the land of mist, with its castles and legendary heroes. Among the most beautiful places to visit without a doubt stands Edinburgh, the capital of this autonomous region rich in history.

View from the center of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Your weekend in Edinburgh can only start from the wonderful medieval castle, a symbol of pride and spirit of the Scottish independence, which dominates the city since the eleventh century. Although over the centuries it has expanded and been renovated many times. The Edinburgh Castle houses and the Scottish Crown Jewels, which includes the wonderful royal crown,  the sceptre, the sword and the mysterious “Stone of  Destiny”, which came from the Holy Land. Before you leave do not forget to pay homage to the statues of  William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, Scottish heroes of the resistance.

View of the city of Edinburgh-Scotland
View of the city of Edinburgh-Scotland

After visiting the castle you can devote the afternoon to investigating the local history by visiting the Museum and the Royal Museum of Scotland (in front of the entrance you will see the monument in honor of Greyfriars Bobby, a little terrier who spent fourteen years in the nineteenth century watching over the Tomb of his master).

The next day you can stroll through the Old Town of Edinburgh (classified as a UNESCO World Heritage). Along the Royal Mile and the High Street you will find many historic buildings, including the ancient City Chambers. If you love the thrill, ride for Mary King’s Close, the famous haunted street, or visit the Grassmarket, the execution grounds. Do not forget to drink a pint at “The Last Drop”, the historic pub where the condemned were led to drink the last drop.

View of the castle, Edinburgh-Scotland
View of the castle, Edinburgh-Scotland

Lovers of royal dynasties should visit the Palace of Holyrood, the final resting place of the unfortunate Queen Mary Stuart, which is now one of the official residences of the English monarchs.

Among the many great things you can experience in Edinburgh is their cuisine. In fact, whether you decide to try specialties served at the local pubs, or the ones offered by the ethnic restaurants, it’s all the same as far as quality goes. Edinburgh has been ranked as one of the top 10 cities for its restaurants’ quality among European countries.

Edinburgh also hosts many interesting events such as the Military Tattoo, a re-enactment in the castle which is held every year in August. It’s the International Festival, dedicated to street performers.

By Elsi Hasanaj

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