Ottobrata Zafferanese: a delightful festival

Sunday, is a celebrating day in the historic center of Zafferana (Ct), since in this momentous city takes place the “Ottobrata Show” which is an ethnic-market with tasting of local products, arts and craft booths. The celebration of the palate is commemorated every first Sunday of October, in Zafferana, which is located in the province of Catania, where are conferred and presented the traditional markets with local products and numerous festivals of various agricultural products. A festival for all those who love the ancient Sicilian traditions and the intense flavors of Sicily. Zafferana is an opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in Sicily, one of the most natural areas in Italy, the famous Etna, which is known for its scenery and numerous forests. Among the many events that take place on the island, Zafferana is one of the most significant. The event, which was founded in the eighties, has been held for more than twenty years, with the aim to disseminate and promote the ancient traditions, the local products and the traditional crafts.

Ottobrata Zafferanese

Among the many local products, is the foreground honey, the grapes, the apples, the wine, the olive oil, and the chestnuts ; the sweet ones are: the tea leaves, the milk biscuits covered with chocolate fondant,  the zeppole rice (covered with honey and stuffed with ricotta), the candied cassatelles, and the almond paste (a classic traditional Sicilian sweet). To make a long story short, walk performances by musicians make a tremendous aura; which is fulfilled by wine tasting, art workshops, tours and exhibitions.

By Mario Lita

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