5 Ways to Recruit for an International Festival While Travelling

Travelling for an international festival is a fantastic way to experience the world while meeting others with a shared interest.

However, when it comes to hosting a festival of your own, staffing a large event abroad can be challenging hurdle to overcome, especially if you are working remotely while travelling.

Yet, the process of finding and advertising vacancies for these festivals can create a wonderful buzz that will get people talking and create a fantastic atmosphere that starts long before the event does!

If you’re about to embark on your event planning journey while travelling, here are five ways to recruit efficiently and effectively for an international festival remotely.

  1. Post on Student Forums

Students are a great market to target if you’re looking to hire informal hospitality or waiting staff, as many students look for summer work and are often happy to travel to undertake casual work before returning to university in the Autumn.

Posting on forums such as The Student Room with a link to a website and clear instructions regarding how they can apply is bound to generate a large number of applications.

  1. Use Recruitment Software

When you’re recruiting for a high number of candidates, you want to be sure that your data collection is organised and secure.

High metrics recruitment reporting from oleeo.com is perfect for compiling all your valuable candidates and simplifying the recruitment process. The pre-built metrics and analytics mean that you can take the stress out of reading and interpreting your data.

Oleeo’s Recruitment Reporting software keeps data secure and provides insights into how the information can help you achieve goals and targets.

  1. Visit Other Festivals

Travelling while organising the festival gives you a great opportunity to visit other festivals of a similar nature and network with other festivalgoers to garner some interest.

People who attend festivals are often very good at working in them – they know what to expect and have an idea of the sort of experience that a guest might be looking for.

You can use websites like Vistaprint to create professional business cards for an easy communication of contact details.

  1. Offer Volunteer Experience

Offering opportunities for volunteering within your festival will also mean that you can save some money by reducing expenditure on wages.

If you offer a valuable experience for a volunteer where they can learn transferable skills, or gain some training – for example, making cocktails or leadership knowledge, you are likely to gain an elevated number of applications.

  1. Offer Incentives to Work

Incentives like subsidised flights, discounted food, free accommodation, and free or subsidised entry to the festival can encourage applications from those looking for casual work, or volunteering experience.

You could also offer a loyalty scheme for those who apply to return year after year. This will save resources, as you will only need to supply refresher training each time.

Do you have any tips for recruiting for an international festival? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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