How Good Mattresses Can Improve Travelers’ Experience in Hotels

Do you often travel to different countries or cities for business? Or do you remember your last vacation where you spent a considerable amount of time staying in any hotel or resort? Do you remember what kind of mattress you slept on during your stay in a hotel or resort? You must have noticed that the quality of the mattresses used in any hotel and resort is usually of far superior quality than we generally find in the market.

According to various studies, most of us spend about 30 percent of our lives on the bed, in order to recover ourselves after spending a busy day in various activities like travelling, working, eating etc. We need to recover and recharge ourselves every day after spending our day in various activities. If you slept on any hotel mattress then you must have noticed some differences in these mattresses and those we use at home.

White bed linen on a mattress in a midnight blue bedroom

Many blogs review various kinds of mattresses and many other sleeping items. By reading those blogs you can update yourself with different research and innovation happening in this area to develop various kinds of mattresses. You will also find improvements going on in memory foam mattresses that are to be used for hotels and various other hospitality industries.

Those who are in luxury hotel business demand very high-quality mattresses that have firmer support as their customers often complain about back pain. Many of the customers find the mattresses in the hotel to be very soft and therefore a special specification has been created for mattresses to be used in the hospitality industries. That is the reason why you will find that the mattresses used in luxury hotels are of very superior quality.

The mattresses used in hotels are not just meant for a single individual as there may be guests of different ages with different physical conditions. Hence, they need to choose those mattresses that can provide maximum comfort to people.

Most of the visitors and tourists of luxury hotels pay a high tariff and therefore naturally they will expect more comfort during their short stay in the hotel. Therefore, while constructing a hotel or guest house you need to consider various factors so that people have a comfortable stay.  If they are content then they will come back to the same place on their next visit too.

In order to attract tourists and vacationers, hospitality industries must create their infrastructure in such a way that it looks attractive in all respects and visitors get a very good feeling.

Most of the visitors to hotels prefer a comfortable stay as they are away from their home. Therefore it is a top priority to have better quality mattresses in every hotel and guest house so that they can relax after a tiring day. People can compromise in any other matter like food or certain other facilities, but nobody would like to compromise on the sleeping comfort provided in any hotel.

What is the significance of choosing the best bed in any hotel?

Couple putting mattress on the bed


In any 4 to 5-star rated hotels, the choice of mattresses cannot be done without any planning. One has to spend a considerable amount of time to draw its specifications as any good quality mattress will certainly be a plus point to the hotel. Therefore, for the hotel industries, mattresses are one of the most important investments that needs a great deal of consideration.

By chance, if you make a bad choice about your bed or mattress then you have to face frequent complaints from the guests. Therefore, it is very essential that luxury hotels must give a lot of priority while choosing the mattresses for the hotel beds.

What is the right size?

couple measuring mattress with measure tape in furniture store with arranged mattresses

The size of the bed displays the class of your hotel. Therefore, you must either prefer king sized beds or at least queen-sized beds for every room. King sized beds are a little bigger in size (193 x 203 cm) as compared to queen sized beds (152 x 188 cm). Most of the leading manufacturers of mattresses make the mattresses meant for these beds.

If you are buying mattresses for hotels then choose the best-known company whose quality is impeccable so that you are assured that the investment you make is spent in the right manner. You can also look online for quality mattresses meant for hotels.

Look for pillow-top mattresses

If you are buying mattresses for any star rated luxury hotels then you can also consider pillow-top mattresses. Such mattresses can offer better comfort and luxury. There are certain pillow-top mattresses that are specially made for hotel use.

The main specialty of such mattresses is that the foam used is temperature sensitive. These foams can easily get adjusted to the body temperature.

Also, one can properly distribute their body weight in a proper manner. Therefore, there will not be many complaints regarding back pain. Such mattresses will be much comfortable and no customer will ever complain about them.

Few mostly used mattresses in hotels

In the majority of luxury hotels, memory foam mattresses are used. One of the basic reasons for using a memory foam mattress is that it contains a sponge-like material that has weight distributing property. One can have comfortable sleep on such mattresses and there is no chance of getting any back pain. Memory foam is such that it can easily adjust itself according to the movement of the user.

Therefore, your spinal movement is properly maintained. Another plus point of this kind of mattress is that memory foam mattresses are specially designed to provide relief from pain from your key pressure points. Therefore, tourists and visitors of the hotel will remain energetic and vigorous after having a comfortable sleep on such mattresses.

Also, if you prefer to buy your mattress from a well-known mattress company whose quality is pretty well known then it can create a very positive impact on the mind of the customer of the hotel. Tourists and guests will love to sleep on such mattresses and will also give positive feedback about the hotel.

Few things to take care about comfort

Young woman on the interior of a camping tent

Whatever type of hotel business you may be involved in, if you cannot provide minimum comfort to your customer then they will never visit your hotel again. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the hotel business then you need to ensure following basic things.

  • While choosing the mattresses it is important to ensure that it is very comfortable to sleep. People who come from various places like to have comfortable sleep after a hectic day while touring to different places.
  • Mattress should never be too hard so that people feel uncomfortable to sleep. It is important that they are relaxed while sleeping.
  • Mattress should easily align according to your body shape and size. If two people are sleeping then the movement of one should not disturb the other. This way, both of them can have undisturbed sleep.

Mattresses must be durable too

When you are making a big investment by purchasing mattresses then you must make sure that it must be durable enough so that you can get a good return on your investment. Different kinds of people visit a hotel and each one will have different habits. Some of them may use the bed in a rough manner and therefore the mattress should be chosen carefully so that it lasts long.

Usually, any good quality mattress can last for at least 9 years. However, if it is used in a hotel then its life may reduce a bit due to rough use. Therefore, you need to buy a durable mattress.

Some of the features of the mattress that are preferable for hotel use.

  • Transfer of motion

The mattress must have minimum transfer of motion so that one partner will not be disturbed due to the movement of the other partner.

  • Bouncy mattress

Most people love to sleep on a bouncy type of bed particularly when they come to stay in any hotel. Therefore, you must ensure that the mattress that you choose must have this feature.

  • Well-known brand

If the customer notices that it is one of the best mattress brands, then automatically they will carry a better impression about the hotel and never tend to complain much.

Therefore, choose the best mattress when you are buying a mattress for any hotel use.

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