How To Sleep In The Hotel Room Soundly And Avoid Jet Lag?

Sound sleep at night is essential and people are getting more aware of its significance. People spend 1/3rd of their lifetime sleeping, so they find ways to make the most of it. Sound sleep makes them feel synergized in the morning. Even on a vacation, people don’t desire to waste hours feeling groggy as they wake up and spend time perking up several cups of coffee. Tourists spend money to explore the new destination, so they need to wake up feeling refreshed.

Travelers or tourists can find it hard to get a relaxed sleep due to the strange environment or jet lag. Here are some tips that can help such traveling people to sleep soundly in a hotel room.

Mimic home environment

Just a quick nap


Hotel rooms are exciting but your body is finding it hard to adapt to them. Mimic home environment, so your body gets relaxed and prepared to sleep. If at home you drink herbal tea a couple of hours before going to bed, pack some in your suitcase. Unwind with the herbal tea bought from home because sometimes the hotel does not serve the ones that suit your taste.

The best mattresses for upper and lower back pain were a kind of challenge several months ago but you successfully got a great one along with a cozy pillow. You can take your pillow as well as Mattress in a box because having something familiar to place below your head at night makes a difference.

Set body clock

Some people hardly find it difficult to adapt to the new sleep pattern but there are a few that curse the jet lag. Before traveling, it is sensible to reset your body clock. If you are going on an east side destination then start bringing forward your body clock and vice versa. Adjust your exercise routines, meal times, and sleeping schedule as early as you can before the trip.

If you did not start early then when you board the flight set your watch to the new time zone. If it is night there then sleep on the plane accordingly and if it is a day stay awake. Even shift your mealtime to sync with future destinations’ dining hours. Carry your earplugs, eye masks, headphones, and neck pillow because they are your traveling companion. You can easily synch your time according to the new destination timing using them.

Lights out

The darkroom helps in getting the essential shut-eye. Some hotel rooms are equipped with dark curtains but when the blinds let in a light you need to consider a do-it-yourself trick. An eye mask is the best solution that can make a difference. Properly cover your eyes and it is also a great ally in the flight.

Choose calming sleep music


The tossing and turning on a strange hotel room bed can damper your vacation experience. Strange sounds in the hotel lobby or noisy traffic outside or a totally spooky silence can hinder your sleep. You can download sleep-well music, which helps to drift into sleep as the distracting noises get absorbed.

If you cannot sleep get up

If you cannot go to sleep after waking up at midnight then get up. After 20 minutes, if you are still awake then get out of the bed and do something productive for an hour before hitting the bed. Read a magazine or watch a movie and soon your body will drift into sleep again.

Stick to travel diet

young businessman angry at the airport waiting his delayed flight with luggage

Never get tempted to ‘vacation eating’ mode. Whenever you feel hungry choose a light snack before going to bed instead of the heavy & greasy food. Ensure that the snack does not include chocolate or coffee because they can keep you awake. Even spicy food, orange juice, etc. can trigger acid reflux, so choose a light and simple diet. If you eat late in the evening then eat pasta or pretzels because high-glycemic carbs help to fall asleep quickly.

Get a massage

Spa and massage treatment is also a great solution to handle jet lag. Many hotels offer treatments that are associated with jet-lag. It detoxifies the body, promotes circulation, and offers relaxation. Massage on the back and shoulder helps to eliminate the pain due to long flights.

Jet lag symptoms are muscle aches, irritation, drowsiness, insomnia, and difficulty in concentration. So, stay strong and follow the above tips to lessen the effects and enjoy your trip.

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