How to Survive The Weekend in New York City

New York City is known for its upbeat tempo, high-fashioned atmosphere, and its seamless effort to flow with time. There are a number of reasons why people love the city, and those are only a few. Yes, it’s easy to get used to the seemingly luxurious lifestyle of the city, but as a visitor, it can feel as if life is moving 20 miles a minute. The city can be overwhelming, and that’s when our survival mode begins to kick in. With that being said, here are some tips on how to not just survive its overwhelming nature, but thrive in it, too.

Getting Around

Getting around is a general concern for many people, honestly, you’re not alone. Transportation is confusing. There are various cabs who all seem to have a destination every moment of the day, or trains that travel to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Things to Know:


  • are a popular source of transportation, especially in the inner city. Depending on weather conditions, it’ll be more challenging to catch a cap in frowned weather, than it would be to catch them during nice weather.
  • Cabs sometimes will cost more than the subway. The base rate is minimally over $2 with added cents on per half a mile.
  • There is a nighttime surcharge.
  • There are set fares from the three airports to the city. Don’t forget about tolls and traffic, they’ll also give to your ride fare.


  • Subways are trains. Trains are Subways.
  • Every train that travels to a specific destination will be bound to that destination. For example, a train going to Manhattan will be Manhattan-bound.
  • Do not confuse the New York train systems compared with other main subways. It is its own entity.
  • No matter if the train is express or local, there will be designated colors for each line name.
  • MetroCards can be purchased from the agent booths or the machines located near and in stations. These cards are loadable. The subway fare is $2.75 each way.

The subway may be one of the most confusing aspects of the city if you’ve never taken it, but the most important part is that you allow yourself time to not only get around but get familiar with the way streets and avenues work (they work as a grid). It gets super easy eventually.

Be Easy on The Pockets

Yes, New York is expensive, but visiting different sites doesn’t have to be. Be sure to weigh your options as far as passes available for tourists. There are city passes offered at great deals, which can save you a pretty decent percentage on costs. A popular pass is the New York CITY pass, which allows you to visit at least six of the city’s famous attractions. The pass makes it possible for travelers to cut long lines, and ultimately save good amounts of money.

It’s Easy to Cling to Manhattan

Manhattan Is beautiful, but there are many other places to visit. Be sure to visit SoHo (the best pop-ups), Brooklyn, and Queens. The city is enormous, but has many smaller villages and neighborhoods that are also popular:

  • Chinatown
  • Midtown
  • Lower East Side
  • Long Island City

While the city offers a quick, energetic feeling to it, other parts of the city have other diverse offerings as far as culture, food, and shops that you won’t regret visiting. Hopefully these tips for visiting New York have helped you!

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