Keep your portable devises alive while travelling

It’s the most frustrating thing to ever happen; suddenly, during your flight to Australia with 6 hours left, your iPod runs of battery and you’ re left brokenhearted until your arrival. If you’re lucky enough you may have a magazine to keep you occupied… That experience left a mark on me. “A portable device, since it’s portable and battery- powered, it may run out of battery”. Sad but truth.

Portable Charger
Mili Portable Charger

Having that in mind, I bought a portable charger for it. I was so surprised when I realized what I’d been missing. Portable chargers are available for almost every type of portable device you have in mind. You may charge your mobile phone, your smartphone or your tablet, your portable gaming platform and even your net book or laptop. What’s more, certain chargers are able to do that simultaneously for more than one device. Pretty cool, huh? For those who are more into eco- action, there are a lot of solar chargers available. iPad, for instance, has a protective case which is a solar charger at the same time.

Travelers out there, rid yourself of the problem called “damn-my-battery’s-run-out-again”. A portable charger can be a lifesaver for both your iPad and your PSP, literally at the same time. Brought to you by travel technology

By Nikos K

Gadget photo: munyie

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