Tips For Traveling To Beautiful Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a land of fire. It is the northernmost and the third most populous of the Canary Islands. Its mild climate with 22 degrees average temperature, make it a perfect destination for any season. Here we’ll talk about practical parts of the trip. There are some details you need to know to make the most of your trip to Lanzarote or save some cash. Let’s go.


Getting Around

It might be best to rent a car for getting around Lanzarote. It would make the trip more convenience and pleasant. There are many car rental companies operating in Lanzarote. Of course, large companies are represented in the most touristic spots. A rental car for six days cost about 68 euros. You just can’t cross over to another island with the car. If you plan to jump to Fuerteventura for a few days on the ferry which leaves daily from Playa Blanca, you’ll have to leave the car behind.


Where to stay

Finding accommodation will be one of the first things you do while planning the trip. Anywhere on the island is good to enjoy Lanzarote but there are 3 points that stand out for their great hotels they offer: Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca. All of them have great resorts with amazing deals. Another option is search for a villa; a good example is Villa plus site and their villas at Puerto del Carmen, where we stayed during our last trip to this gorgeous island. There is the classic choice of all inclusive but you can also chose the option of a pretty bungalow accommodation. The facilities are generally quite good providing all the desired amenities.


Canary Cuisine

A trip is not complete without enjoying the local cuisine of the destination, especially when it comes to the Canary Islands which have much to offer in this regard. You cannot go without trying the very famous potatoes with mojo, the old native fish, a Canary casserole (made from shrimp, octopus and mushrooms) or fried limpets. Gastronomy in Lanzarote is like science.


What to see

If you want to access some of the most important places on the island, here’s where to start. Timanfaya, the Cueva de los Verdes, Jameos del Agua and Mirador del Rio are some of the most visited parts of the island. Cactus Garden and the International Museum of Contemporary Art are also on top of the list of every travelled to this beautiful island.

The island also has many spectacular beaches such as Punta Papagayo in the south. It’s actually a collection of several very large beaches and small coves where you can enjoy calm crystal clear waters. The place, except for a couple of bars and a campsite, is completely pristine. I recommend them all because each beach has its charm. In addition, it is an ideal place to snorkel.

We hope that this article will be most useful if you are planning your trip or if you are not yet convinced that Lanzarote deserves to be chosen as your next destination.

Photos: castgen, Aysha Bibiana, Salomon10, kerrie_jo.

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