All You Need To Know About Traveling With Wine

Some people can’t do without their wine. So when you’re traveling you might want to bring a few bottles of wine with you on the plane. To avoid mishaps, here are some tips on transport and how to do it right.

What wine can I buy?

You want to take wine from the city or country you visit but do not know which one to buy. Please note that with trade globalization, international wines are easily found in supermarkets or wine outlets. These are the cases where you buy will compensate:

– A wine you tasted at a restaurant. As you are not sure if you can find it in your city, you’d better take it back with you. Just pay attention and make sure you can’t find it in places such as the Duty Free.
– Variety or labels that are hard to get.
– Small production wines. The chances that you have these in your city drop dramatically.
– Vintage wines that are difficult to find.
– And the custom classic that a relative or friend made for you.


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Where do I buy the wine?

If you’re only going to take a bottle, you’d better acquire it in the Duty Free shop. On one hand you avoid having to carry the bottle to the airport and on the other, you reduce the risk of breakage in your luggage. If it is several units, it is preferable that you buy them online in wine stores like Wine Outlet. This will give you time and tranquility to wrap and fit them into your suitcase.

How many bottles can you carry?

It depends on the country and airline. There are differences in what you can carry as hand luggage and checked luggage. There are stricter guidelines in the United States. However, in countries like Argentina, you can take 2 or 3 bottles in hand. however, they need to be acquired at the airport. As for checked baggage, most companies allow 5 bottles per checked bag. The recommendation is clear. Before buying, find out what is allowed.


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How do I transport wine bottles in the bags?

Because of their size, it’s ideal to bring 3 bottles per bag. For your protection there are several options:
– Option home: Wrap wine with the clothes you wear in the suitcase. For example you can wrap them in socks or pants. As each bottle weighs around 1.1 kilos, use several pairs of socks or the bottle might end up escaping. Put them in the central part of the case and separate them with more clothes.
– Option semi-homemade: Purchase bubble wrap for your wine.
– Wine Specific Option: With protective bags for wines. They are reusable. If you want to secure bottles, take them with you in your luggage back.
– Professional Option: For about 80 euros, there are specific suitcases with wheels that perfectly fit inside 6 to 12 bottles.


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Remember that the whole bottle, including the neck, should be covered. Remember also to add the weight of the bottles to the total of the luggage.

Should I save the wine?

Yes. It is advisable to leave them a while. What is not clear is how long. As with everything related to wine, it depends on who you ask. But we recommend to save them for at least a week.

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