WeatherBug App Review – Best Weather App

When you are searching for a weather app on the Google Playstore or iOS app store, you’re going to get bombarded with virtually dozens of options. Some of them are going to provide you with basic, unhelpful information, while others are going to give you more information and features than you know what to do with. The question becomes, which one is right for you, and your lifestyle. So many apps today require real time data from your phone, which causes your device to slow down and quickly run out of battery. Therefore, a lightweight, powerful app is an absolute must.


Finding the Best Weather App

When you’re considering which Android or iTunes weather app, it has to be accurate above all else, especially when traveling to new locations. Anyone can make an app that is eye catching, but does it work the way you need it to? If not, why keep it? Before you decide to download an app, take the time to read a couple of reviews on them and determine which features you would make use of. It is also important to find out how often the information is updated and from where. The last thing you want is to download an app from a guy named Fred who lives in his basement and only comes out once an hour to check his thermometer outside and then updates his app. The new weather app, WeatherBug, is the most accurate and convenient weather app you will come across on either app store.


Advanced weather apps, such as Weather Bug, gives you access to radar images, real weather camera photos, and weather reports, on top of accurate weather information. You will be kept up-to-date on current weather conditions and weather emergencies such as blizzards, floods, tornados, hurricanes and much more.


This app even allows you to add multiple locations & check various conditions at a time, which is great for those traveling to different countries in a short amount of time. This is also a useful benefit if you have family that lives out of town and you want to be able to check that they are safe from natural weather disasters. Download Weather Bug today, you’ll be very happy you did!

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