Top 5 Most Amazing Travel Apps

5. PackPoint

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When preparing for a trip one of the most important stages is the packing. People who are anxious for their flights often forget things that they need and either end up traveling without them or buying them at the destination. With PackPoint life is a bit easier while packing. Depending on what type or travelers you are and what type of trip you’re going on there are ready checklists or customizable ones which include essential items you can tick off as you’re packing. In addition, if your preparation spans several days with PackPoint you can keep track of what you’ve packed so far and what still needs to be stored.

4. Airbnb

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Airbnb is the perfect app for looking for a place to lodge and spend the night while traveling. Essentially, it’s a marketplace full of unique accommodations across thousands of cities and hundreds of countries. What’s appealing about it is that you can find very cheap affordable options for bed and breakfasts to spend a night or few. In addition to these options being cheap, you also get to know other people and for travelers who enjoy learning about the culture of their destinations, Airbnb presents incredible options.

3. Skyscanner

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Skyscanner is an app that allows users to search for the most convenient and economic flights through its vast database featuring airlines from all over the world as well as agencies. Essential you skyscanner will recommend flights that fit your search criteria sorted from cheapest to most expensive and will give detailed information about connected flights, airlines and travel time. It’s a great way to find good deals without having to check every airlines site individually.

2. TripAdvisor

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TripAdvisor is the perfect app to have with you while traveling thanks to the massive pool of information on it. It can be your helper as you’re visiting different attractions and it can also help you decide if a certain attraction or restaurant is worth going to based on thousands of user reviews and ratings. If you’re considering staying at a hotel, you can first check TripAdvisor to see what people who previously stayed there say about it and if they recommend it. All in all, it’s a great app for consulting if you’re not sure about where to go.

1. TripTalk

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TripTalk, as you might remember from our recent review, is an incredibly innovative app that allows user to “make stories” based on photos, videos and other types of data they recorded during a trip. Imagine it as a way of saving the memories and experiences into a book. That book is called your trip and its contents are the very best moments you and your friends or family had while traveling. You can share trips with other people using the app which means everyone gets access to them and everyone can contribute. It’s not only great for organizing trip photos, as it also allows you to customize the final story with themes and more. It’s also easy to use on the go and if you’re sharing it with your traveling partners then at the end of the trip you won’t have to send them the photos and videos you took as they’ve already have them thanks to TripTalk.

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