6 Flight App Hacks For Finding Cheap Flights

Whether you’re traveling within the United States or jet-setting around the globe, flights are one of the biggest vacation expenses you’re likely to incur. There are several apps that can help you find great flight deals, but are you maximizing their potential? Read through these hacks to learn some clever app tips for finding cheap airfare.

Use Hipmunk’s Multi-Day Search

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Hipmunk bills itself as “the fastest, easiest way to plan travel.” It can also be one of the cheapest if you use its multi-day searching feature. Rather than locking you in to travel on just one date, the app lets you search for flights during a small range of dates for your departure and arrival. You might find that delaying your trip by just one day could save you hundreds of dollars or even more. It’s perfect for travelers who are in the early vacation planning stages and who have no firm commitments.

Predict the Future With Hopper

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Few things are more frustrating for frugal flyers than booking a plane ticket only to see it discounted days later. That needn’t happen to you with Hopper. The app’s creators say it “analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change.” All the info you need is hidden behind the Prediction tab. Not only does it show you the lowest current price on your selected route, but it also suggests whether you should buy now or later. The app also predicts how much the fare will drop and when you can expect it to start rising. Tap “Watch this Trip” to be alerted when the price falls and before an expected price hike.

While you’re poking around Hopper, don’t miss the Tips tab. This section suggests alternative travel dates and airports that could significantly lower your airfare.

Share and Save With CheapOair Flights and Car

CheapOair Flights and Car collates deals from more than 450 airlines, more than 30,000 car rental locations, and more than 125,000 hotels to help you find the best travel deals. Sort flights by price, number of stops, and travel time to find the deal that suits you best. But don’t book until you’ve shared the app with your friends and family members. When you do, you’ll get an instant discount on your flight, making that already great deal that much more attractive.

Check the Fees With Cheapflights

So often a bargain flight can become a pricey one after airlines impose a bunch of fees, including payment charges and baggage costs. With the Cheapflights app, you can get wise to these tricks. After entering your travel details and viewing the list of potential itineraries, tap the credit card icon in the middle of the bottom toolbar. This shows a list of extras that incur additional charges. Avoid as many extras as possible, and you can feel confident you’re really getting a great price on your airfare.

Expand Your Travel Horizons With Skyscanner

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Do you know you want to get away but find that your heart’s not set on any place in particular? Skyscanner is the ideal app for you. Most travel apps you’ll download onto your smartphone such as the iPhone 7 from a carrier like T-Mobile require a departure point and destination for searching. Skyscanner can operate this way, too, but if you’re up for adventure, simply search for flights to “Everywhere.” The Skyscanner app will then show a range of travel destinations that represent great value during your preferred travel dates. The iPhone’s large Retina HD display and T-Mobile’s fast and reliable 4G LTE network make this searching quick and easy.

Get Flight Alerts From DealRay

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DealRay is another excellent app option for flexible travelers. It searches the internet to bring you the cheapest national and international flight deals every day. To really make the most of this app, set up alerts so you’re notified whenever there’s a bargain flight from your local airport. DealRay’s monthly subscription fee will eat into your savings, so the app is best used by frequent flyers. Sign up for a free month-long trial to see whether this app’s for you.

These hacks can help you save a lot on your flights so that you’ll have more money left for spending during your travels.

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