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Did you know that the small and big lake Monticchio are volcanic lakes, embedded in the southern Apennines – precisely in the ancient volcano of Mount Vulture. The area is surrounded by woods which is said to have been used by Frederick II as a hunting reserve.

Laghi di Monticchio

In those woods, historically ascertained was the escape of Crocco, born Carmine Donatelli, the robber “Patriot” Rionero, who fought against the dominance of the Piedmont. Since the early 70s, the area around the smaller of the two lakes was a nature reserve in Basilicata. It is a natural, unspoilt place where, between the two lakes, and the beautiful beech wood beads them, lies the ancient Abbey of St. Michael the Archangel. With all this beauty, it is needless to say that the park’s small lake, over time, has become a tourist destination for those who want to spend a day in the outdoors.

The Beauty of Fall in Monticchio
The Beauty of Fall in Monticchio

Walks in the woods can end with a picnic, a boat ride on the lake, stroll among the stalls selling souvenirs, a visit to the church in the cave, and of course the beautiful Opatija, just to enjoy the view, and dream of another life, before plunging back into the rhythm of everyday life. You can finish up the day with a mouth full of fresh air, and a relaxed body and spirit.

Belvedere I - Monticchio laghi - ITALY
Belvedere I – Monticchio laghi – ITALY

Lakes of Monticchio on map:

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