Great Bay Beach (Philipsburg, St. Maarten-St. Martin)

The West Indies are a favorite destination of international tourism, mostly for people wishing to enjoy a deserved rest (lying under the sun on the beautiful beaches). Like many islands, Saint Martin offers tropical beaches for the day and tourist facilities for the evening.

The island’s particularity is to be the smallest piece of land divided between two nations; the northern part which belongs to France, while the southern to the Netherlands (or rather to the Dutch Antilles).

Another special feature is the airport, often cited to be the craziest airport in the world since many accidents and luggage loss can occur (for that reason do not forget to check with your lawyer about insurance policies), while sometimes the damage is caused the unwary and unsuspecting tourists (that is us!).


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But once you get there you can find the awesome beaches, overlooking the crystal clear sea, like that of Philipsburg, described as very nice, although very busy, by the many tourists who land on the island with large cruise ships. It is very comfortable, with backstage promenade lined with many bars and restaurants from which you can choose to taste and enjoy.

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