7 tips for using your travel gadgets

Travel is no longer the same as before, since now hi-tech electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and 2-in-1 travel companions are widely available. It is very important not to lose sight of them, protect them from the environment well and make sure they are charged, among other things. Here are some points to follow so your trip leaves you with a very good taste and you do not miss any experiences.

Recharge batteries

Typically, you are facing one of the best sunsets on the beaches of Mexico and you are ready to take a photo or video so you pull out your tablet and it is not turned on. If you want to remember the best of your trip and have some pictures to show, make sure that before you leave the battery is 100% charged.

Only 20% left!?
Only 20% left!?

Take them with you

Whether you go hiking in the Riviera Maya, go sunbathing or decide to get to know the streets of a magical town, do not lose sight of your device; and if you bring more than one, choose the one that best suits your plan. Returning back from a trip and having a bad tale to tell is frustrating. Constantly look around and be sure that you and your device are safe.

You never know what you will come across with
You never know what you will come across with

Protect your screen from prying eyes

It may be a business trip or one for pleasure, but if you bring your 2-in-1 laptop or tablet carrying your entire life, protect your screen with an opaque shield. Tourism involves being exposed to many eyes, and it is better to protect your most valuable asset: information (pictures, documents, sensitive data).

Treat them well

When traveling with your devices, you have to transport them in boxes to protect them from bumps and scratches. If you take a plane it is recommended to carry handbags for your safety (and of course theirs).

Now you' ve got it
Now you’ ve got it

Compatible energy

If you decide to travel to the other side of the world, make sure to not be part of the stories of someone whose plugs and voltages did not get along. Research the voltage volume and if it is not compatible with your device plugs, just purchase a power adapter.

Save your memory

We shouldn’t even mention it but if you lose your device, then what? What about all the information, pictures and documents that you had? Before leaving, take the time to back them up in a safe place. Currently there are many options to upload everything on the cloud and it is best that no matter where you are you can always access your files.

Uploading on the cloud... Done!
Uploading on the cloud… Done!

Get ready for the cold or heat

Traveling is an experience, it has its ups and downs with unexpected weather that can affect your tablet or smartphone. Use cases, bags or even plastic bags to protect them from high temperatures, rain or dust. When interacting with them it is also important to clean your hands well to prevent stains.

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By +Nikos Kontorigas

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