Essential Gadgets for Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking around the world is one of the most exciting and life changing experiences anyone can ever do. That being said, world travel does come with its fair share of challenges too, as many extremely enthusiastic world travellers soon find out before they’ve even reached their fifth country or second continent! Thankfully for us, there are so many fantastic gadgets available in the modern world – all designed to make life for us as easy, and safe, as possible. With many of these gadgets available in portable forms, they effectively become essentials for any long-distance travelling. Let’s take a look at the best gadgets to pack in your rucksack…

Universal Power Adaptor Kit

Given that a great deal of our lives can now be managed online (banking, business email, staying in touch, and so on), it is essential that we always have a way to charge our electronic equipment. When passing through multiple countries across several different continents, charging our equipment can be difficult as there are so many different standards for appliances. Fortunately, by packing a universal power adaptor kit, you will always be able to charge up your devices and stay in touch with the rest of the world, no matter where you are!

Gadgets for Your Next Backpacking Adventure
Gadgets for Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Unlocked Smartphone

When travelling abroad, it is vital to have a smartphone on you at all times for staying in touch and being able to contact help in case of emergencies. Not only that, but smartphones can be loaded with tons of good apps that are efficient and practical. Financially speaking, there are several great tax calculators and estimators that work fantastically when paired with a budgeting app. Our top recommendation is an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Siii, which will allow you to swap in local sim cards quickly, easily and cheaply no matter where you go. This will save you a fortune in hidden roaming charges which can easily add up to hundreds of dollars while you are travelling. The Galaxy Siii will also come in very useful by allowing you to capture the best moments of your trip on camera with crystal clear clarity using its excellent 8 megapixel snapper. Furthermore, the model has a great range of android apps to make your life easier such as free English to foreign language dictionaries and apps that help you find accommodation in any country.

Swiss Army Knife USB

One of the big challenges of backpacking is trying to fit all that you need to take with you into the limited amount of luggage and on-person space that you have available, not to mention picking equipment which puts minimum pressure on your shoulders! It’s therefore extremely helpful when you get the chance to combine multiple separate items into one single item. The Swiss Army Knife USB Stick excels in this role as it allows you to have a range of useful functions at your fingertips (blade, knife, LED light and screwdriver) while also having the electronic benefits of the USB drive to store valuable data in a compact size.

Heading off on the road as a backpacker is fabulously rewarding but can have challenges too. Thankfully, with these great gadgets the challenges can be minimised, leaving you to have the time of your life.

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