Foodie trends for 2014

Thought trends were just for fashion and beauty? Think again. What you eat is often driven by the media, whether it’s homemade cupcakes (the baking revolution stormed it way through the past two years), hearty pies (the economic crisis encouraged a trend for simpler, home-style food) or pretty much anything organic (as we become more and more health-conscious). So what will we be eating this year?

The new cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are so 2013. Macaroons are predicted to be hot this year, with a number of bakeries, patisseries, upmarket food halls, markets and even stand-alone ‘macaroon parlours’ opening across the globe. The Argentinian version, alfajores – mousse or jam sandwiched between sweet, round biscuits dusted with icing sugar or coated in white chocolate – is following in its French cousin’s footsteps. Mini gourmet doughnuts are also expected to be big in 2014 – little bite-size versions mean you won’t feel as guilty as scoffing a whole Krispy Kreme and with flavours such as chai latte and crème brulee, you’ll feel more upmarket foodie and less fast foodie.

Goodbye Mexico, hello Peru!

Mexican restaurants have spread like wildfire across the globe and Peru is set to be the next Latin country to have a foodie moment, with a number of Peruvian restaurants opening in the world’s major cities. Ceviche is the dish everyone’s talking about – a healthy  but delicious meal of raw, cured sliced fish marinated in lime and served with fine slices of red onion.

Molecular cooking

It seems Heston Blumenthal has inspired many a chef to want to showcase the science behind their cooking, often involving what can only be described as theatre at the table. ‘Spherification’ is 2014’s molecular cooking of choice, a method of shaping liquid into spheres. Also look out for edible food packaging. Whether that’s your cup of tea or not, expect a lot more of it this year.

Foodie trends
Foodie trends

Stronger green tea

A bright green colour, Matcha green tea is super-concentrated and contains 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Its vibrant shade is a result of the high levels of chlorophyll in the leaf and, because you diffuse the powder rather than dunk it in as a teabag, you ingest every bit of its antioxidant-packed goodness. No-one will bother with regular green tea again!

Art for dessert

You won’t be chowing down on paintings but elaborately crafted gelatine desserts that look like paper weights filled with real flowers. In fact, they are created by injecting coloured gelatine into domes of clear, flavoured gelatine, forming incredibly beautiful, lifelike flowers. Originating in Mexico, they have already starting to gain a huge following in the US and are set to storm the rest of the world soon.

Edible landscapes

Taking presentation to new heights, you could soon be eating landscapes on a plate, such as an edible forest complete with dirt, trees, rocks and plants – all edible, of course. It seems Heston Blumenthal is reaching far and wide this year.

Emily Buckley is a journalist who often reports on food and eating out and who loves all you can eat restaurants such as Atrium Buffet at Crown Perth for the sheer joy of choice!


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