Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

This dramatic photograph takes up the pinnacles result of the millennial erosion which has been subjected to these rocks occurring in this valley in the shape of an amphitheater. Close relatives of it are: the pinnacles of Göreme, Cappadocia in Turkey, in-laws of the Penitentes, in the Andes between Chile and Argentina.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

The territory of the United States is quite extensive and there are many attractions which are worth spending a few hours of your vacations. Given the distance that separates them, if you do not have a private jet, you probably will not be able to see them all at once … It is therefore appropriate to begin to make a list of places to visit and Bryce Canyon National Park is the name of the place where are these rocks which fall within the top ten of the U.S. national parks worth seeing.

There are different paths available to visit this remote and relatively small, national park of the U.S., where you can go by walking (snowshoes in winter are mandatory), or on a horseback. It is located about 400 miles from Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, the civilian airport is the closest to Cedar City.

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