Camping in Great Britain

Camping is increasingly popular in Britain, with more and more people choosing to stay in the country and explore the great outdoors from the comfort of their own chosen camping pitch. A few days at one with nature is an unbeatable experience, and one which more people are turning towards all the time as the package holiday to the Med becomes less and less popular all the time.

Let’s face it: camping is far cheaper than any other type of holiday. A few pounds for a pitch will see you able to camp up for a few nights with the advantage of a shower and toilet block plus other facilities to use. It’s certainly far cheaper than a hotel, many of which won’t have much more advanced facilities themselves. Throw in the fact that you don’t need to spend money eating out every night and you’re onto a winner. Many people can even save money if they don’t have a tent. Cheap camping equipment is available pretty freely, and even your first camping trip with the outlay spent on equipment can work out cheaper than the same amount of time spent abroad.

The health benefits are also a good reason to turn towards camping, and health is an increasingly important issue in Britain. The fresh air, sunlight and physical activity involved with camping can help to improve health and ensure that you come back from your holiday feeling truly refreshed and happy, having spent a few days closer to nature. If you live in a busy town or city, being able to be sat in peace and quiet in the gorgeous British countryside within an hour or two is a huge advantage. If you were going abroad, you wouldn’t even be on the plane within that time. With camping, you can already be sat outside your pitched tent with a portable stove or barbecue ready and roaring away.

More and more people are trying to escape from the trappings of civilisation such as phones, computers and electronics. Depending on where you decide to pitch up, you may even be some distance from the nearest road or cars — how’s that for escaping civilisation? It’s a holiday which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to grandparents, and it’s something which never has and never will go out of fashion as it appeals to the inbuilt sense of affinity to nature which all humans carry within them.

With benefits that include it being cheaper, easier, more fun and healthier than any other type of holiday, what’s not to love? Going on your first camping holiday is quick, easy and cheap, so why not book yourself a pitch and see why camping is fast becoming Britain’s favourite type of holiday?

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