Extreme Outdoor Activity Ideas In Europe

There is always something to do in every corner of Europe. Aside from sampling the local cuisine or enjoying the weather, why not burn those calories with some extreme outdoor activities. If you’re the adventurous type, take a look at these top 5 outdoor activity ideas that you can experience in Europe.

Cruising California: The Top Scenic Drives in Los Angeles

The San Gabriel Canyon Road California dreaming. When you visit this state, you’re going to be tempted to race through the mountainous roads - hugging every corner and flooring it on the straight-aways. But, don’t...

Essential Gadgets for Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking around the world is one of the most exciting and life changing experiences anyone can ever do. That being said, world travel does come with its fair share of challenges too, as many...

Top 7 Vacation Spots for Backcountry Skiing in Colorado

There are so many reasons to visit the state of Colorado this year, which is even more true for lovers of the great outdoors. Colorado is a prime spot for hiking, biking, snowboarding, but most importantly, skiing. No activity in America's healthiest state compares to Colorado backcountry skiing, especially if you visit one of these 7 spots.

Exploring The Way Between Sydney And Brisbane

The East Coast of Australia is a widely desirable destination for many international and local travellers alike.

4 Tips for a Rainy Weather Vacation

Let’s review four tips for making the most of a rainy vacation. These tips don't tell you how to escape the rain. Instead let's lean into it!

Christmas on Skis | 3 Destinations for a Festive Season on the Slopes

With Christmas well and truly on the horizon you can vow to do one of two things when the change in weather sets in: confine yourself to the house and make the most of...

How to: persuade your mates to have an EXTREME trip

You stand, staring 12,000 feet down, in a plane hurtling forward. Your legs shake. Your stomach churns. But then you jump out – and there is no freer feeling. Your heart races like horses hammering...

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