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Airport of the Saba Island from above

The most dangerous airports in the world | Saba in the Netherlands Antilles

Saba is a Caribbean island, the smallest of the Netherlands Antilles (which no longer exists as a state), one of the three islands, which has decided to become, in effect, a Dutch municipality, so...
Towing an iceberg

Icebergs can be used as a source for drinking water ? | Did you...

Did you know that 70% of the planet's water is found in the polar caps? Every year millions of tons of melting ice are diluted in the seawater. For this reason, a project named...

Tips for Visiting Orlando for the First Time

Orlando is a city and destination that most dream of visiting for vacation. Especially children thanks to Disney World.
Eiffel Tower

All about the most popular attractions in the world

You are planning your next trip abroad and one of the biggest anxieties you have is to manage to see all the major sights of the city you selected. But there are some secrets...
Unseen scenery

The Alps in Germany | A walk through a gorge

What follows is a review of a small ride, but very nice and recommended. Walking from Mittenwald in Bavaria, there is a path in the Alps that connects Germany with Leutasch in Austria in...

The Basics of Quad Biking and Why Dubai Is a Great Place to Do...

The deserts of Dubai offer many exciting outdoor activities and one of the most popular of these is quad biking. Quad Biking Dubai is a unique experience.
How to pack light tips

5 Smart Ways To Pack Light For Your Next Flight

Adventure is something every traveler looks forward to, but packing for that adventure is most certainly not. Smart packing for your flight will cause you less stress and let you focus on the important...

Why We Are Against Riding Donkeys in Greece

Donkey riding is a practice many are standing up against because of issues with the cruelty of which the animals are subjected to. Especially noticed in islands such as Santorini.

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