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The city with the most bridges in the world is Hamburg| Did you know...

Köhlbrandbrücke If we ask for cities with more bridges in the world, surely we would think in Venice (Italy) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). But there is still a city that has more bridges than these two...

How Your Brain and Travel Affect Your Sleep

Most people can agree that traveling definitely does something to their ability to sleep well.

A Guide to Private Jet Airports Around the World

You’ll find some pretty impressive private jet airports around the world. Here, we’ll look at just some of the best smaller airports you can visit via private jet charter.
Nazca's spiral monkey

Four places not to miss in the desert of Peru

If you're lucky enough to go to Peru and plan to go through its desert, then here are some things we advise you not to ever miss so your adventure's even more awesome: Ballestas Islands From Paracas...
Guanabara Bay

Rio de Janeiro doesn’t really exist

Did you know that there is no Rio de Janeiro?. When the Portuguese discovered the South American region in January 1502, it is believed that they reached the mouth of a river which they...
Like this but for a whole month!

The most peculiar traditions in the world

Somewhere over the world one can see how different humans are despite belonging to the same race. Before travelling to other country different than your sweet home one you should know what things you...
Extraterrestial Highway

5 places around the world that nobody can visit

There are probably a lot of places in the world that very few people know of its existence. Although they are becoming less due to globalization, the idea of forbidden places is what makes...
Campervan Roadtrip

Planning your Travels | Portable Generators

Heading off travelling, be it in a tent, campervan or something a little more (or less) luxurious, is a very exciting concept, and is growing to become a sort of rite of passage for...

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