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It’s that time of the year for skiing in Aspen, USA

Tired of the classic skiing? Try a different destination and leave for a skiing holiday in Aspen, United States, the ideal opportunity to taste the thrill of this cold sport. This is a popular...

A thirteen hour trip with Andy from Fyr Macedonia to the Dalmatian coast

The total journey covered most of the Balkan countries, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia. After Macedonia we headed for the Dalmatian Coast because in this part of Europe most affordable air...
Rio de Janeiro

Some tips for traveling alone to Brazil

Brazil is a big, wide, fast economic growth country and despite the distrust of the do-it-yourself traveling, especially in the aspects of security more and more travelers are visiting Brazil and organizing the trips...

The Hidden Gems of Cuba

It was mid February, when I was sitting in class contemplating my summer plans. This summer, I decided I wasn’t going to work a job with tedious hours that will barely save me $500.

Essential tips to pack up your suitcase for these Christmas holidays

Christmas is nearly there, that time in which we like to be with family, talk in front of the fireplace, eat nougat, sing carols and enjoy the spectacular dinners that are prepared these days. It is also...

Two Week Trip in Italy

Home to over 60 million people, Italy is Europe’s fifth most populated country lies along the Mediterranean coastline. This southern European country is popular for its delectable cuisine, ancient coliseums, and rich culture that spans back thousands of years.

A short trip to the Exotic Thailand

Among my many travels, I'll never forget my week in Thailand during last summer. In recent years Thailand has evolved into a grand tourist attraction. As a matter of fact, quite a few people...
New Zealand Landscape

How a ten-month-old baby on a plane kickstarted my adventure to New Zealand

Gripped with trepidation, I recently embarked solo on a one-year Working Holiday to New Zealand. I planned nothing mostly just to psych myself out. It was a ten-month-old Kiwi on the plane ride there,...

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