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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Spain

Spain is a country located in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe. It is known for its beautiful beaches, sunshine, and parties. These are the most beautiful beaches.
Papanasam Varkala Beach

Papanasam: An amazing beach in India

The Papanasam Beach in Varkala, in the extreme west of India, along the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean is not only beautiful but it's good for the soul, as it is popularly believed...
Four Seasons Hotel

The Most Amazing Luxury Resorts On The Sea Around The World

You can almost literally sleep on the water! That's what the luxurious resorts on the sea around the world offer! The cabins on the water, known as "stilt houses" are built on pillars or...
Playa del Carmen

5 idyllic destinations for this summmer

If you have not booked your next holiday yet, take a look at some destinations that you should visit at least once in your life! Costa Cadiz, Spain Costa de la Luz, thanks to its charming...
Caribbean Blue

The majestic Caribbean

In travel language, when we say Caribbean we mean the arc of 7,000 islands scattered in a sea area of ​​2,000 km in length, ranging from below Florida and ends in the north of...

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