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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Ceuta

The autonomous city of Ceuta in Spain has a land mass of 18.5 square kilometers (7.1 square miles). It is located in a region where the Atlantic Ocean meets with the Mediterranean sea, facing the Strait of Gibraltar which divides Europe from Africa. With a coastline 21 kilometer, Ceuta has a variety of beaches, rocks, and coves. The city of Ceuta continuously renews itself by constructing new tourist amenities and promoting its beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Ceuta.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in South Africa

South Africa is one of the beautiful provinces in the African Continent that is blessed with lots of rich history and some breathtaking places. Some of these places are the beaches. These are the...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Germany

Germany is a country located in the Western part of Europe. Germany has a wonderful forest landscape, rivers, mountain peaks and its capital, Berlin, is a historic region with so many artifacts and beautiful places. Germany has numerous beaches along the coast of the North Sea. Here are the most beautiful beaches;
Palawan Island

Palawan Island Is A Treasure For Travelers

Palawan is one of the most spectacular, remote and undeveloped islands of the Philippines. One of the new natural wonders of the world is hidden there, the underground river Sabang. Palawan offers idyllic enclaves,...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Dalmatia and Istria

Croatia has incredible natural beauty that make it the perfect place to be for a holiday. Dalmatia and Istria, one of the regions in this country is a famous destination for this coastal area.

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