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The Most Beautiful Beaches In Northern Albania

Albania is gradually becoming the new found destination for holiday fun and adventure. In the Northern area, you’ll find beaches that are untouched offering visitors everything they need to have a wonderful time. Here are some of the best beaches you should check out when you visit the North of Albania.
Mo'orea Sunset

Paradise On Earth On Mo’orea Island Of French Polynesia

Visiting Mo'orea is as close as you can get to paradise, according to those who have already been there. The volcanic island of French Polynesia is filled with bungalows that attract newlyweds but also...
Rockhouse View

The greatest three hotels on the beach in Jamaica

If you love the spectacle of the West End cliff in Jamaica and also love the fantasy of it, the Rockhouse hotel is probably right for you. Some of the most exclusive hotels in...

Amalfi – A Descending Coast

The coast of Amalfi  is one of the most pleasant places of Italy. The coast stretches overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. It's a real gem, thanks to the fantastic weather, stunning scenery and clears...
La Maddalena, Sardinia

Discover the secret beaches of Italy

A country-vast coastline with stunning bays, picturesque coves, natural harbors, exotic beaches, quiet beaches and dramatic rocky coves. We garnered the most spectacular secret beaches of Italy, just in case you feel like dreaming...
Glass Beach, California

The Glass Beach in California

Have you ever noticed some small pebbles on the beaches with strange colors and shapes such as green, orange and red? Now imagine a beach full of these colorful pebbles that makes it one...

A short trip to the Exotic Thailand

Among my many travels, I'll never forget my week in Thailand during last summer. In recent years Thailand has evolved into a grand tourist attraction. As a matter of fact, quite a few people...
Manly Beach

Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia

Manly Beach is a beach located on the North Shore of Sydney, in Australia. For its size, it usually refers to the beach between dividing it into sections, which, running from north to south...

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