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The top 5 beaches in Mexico

The beaches of Mexico can be divided into three major areas, the Caribbean coast to the south east, the Gulf of Mexico to the east and the Pacific coast to the west. The Riviera...
Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island, Florida – The arts scene

Given that tourists flock to Anna Maria Island in pursuit of the white beaches and year-round sun, the island’s art scene tends to be overlooked by visitors. I tend to pursue art wherever I...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Epirus

Epirus is a historical region in North-western Greece located near the border with Albania. It’s now becoming a very popular tourist’s attraction that many are already calling, the best-kept-secret of Greece.

Kaikoura | Love at the first sight in the Pacific ocean

Legend has it that whoever made Kaikoura had to be well inspired: the creator, whoever he is, surely had to have got on a good high to do something so deliciously weird. The Pacific Ocean with its changing colours...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

Croatia is a historic country located along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea in the Eastern region of Europe. There are over one thousand Islands in Croatia. The main attraction of Croatia is its ravishing coastline. These are the ten most stunning beaches in Croatia.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Kerala

Kerala's beaches with their soft sand, gently waving palm trees and crescent shorelines have been popular internationally for over a century.

Sveti Stefan, an island and an exclusive resort in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan, Santo Stefano di Pastrovicchio is a small promontory, once the haunt of pirates, now an exclusive hotel resort in Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometers south-east of Budva. Sveti Stefan in the past, as...

The Beautiful Spotted Lake Of Canada

Spotted Lake is one of the most unique natural attractions in Canada. It is located in British Columbia, about 100 km east of Vancouver, near the border with the United States. This is a lacustrine...

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