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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Catalonia

Catalonia in Spain is perfect for summer vacations and holidays. It has so much to offer its locals as well as visitors, such as rich culture, tasty cuisines, architecture, and sporting expertise. This is one of the best regions to visit during summer as you get to enjoy its numerous wonderful beaches.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Australia

Australia is remarkable on the world map for being a country and a continent. Australia is bound by the Pacific and Indian Oceans making its coastline very rich. It is famed for beautiful beaches and these are the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Albania

Albania is a country located along the Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Albania is blessed with rich natural resources and her historic sites are also very vast. Albanian is known for having beautiful mountains, canyons, ancient ruins and beaches. These are the most beautiful beaches in Albania;

Almunecar in Granada | A real gem in Spain

Few people know that Almunecar is a real gem perfect for spending a relaxing weekend. From Granada it is easily accessible in about one hour by bus (cost 7 euro) and finding cheap rooms...

Palavas-les-Flots | the beach of Montpellier

Today we are taking you to the very south of France, to one of the most beautiful cities of Provence and which boasts, with good reason, of having 300 days of sunlight a year: Montpellier, with a climate that is...

Ocean holidays 2012 | Maldives and Seychelles

Imagine white sand beaches that are lined with palm trees with indulge on blue waters and with a picturesque view. Turn the post cards to reality by availing your Ocean holidays this 2012. It is...

Best Things to Do When Travelling to the Caribbean

If you are planning on travelling to the Caribbean, then you should know that holidays to the destination have become very popular over the years. You really can’t get a similar experience elsewhere in the world and if you are thinking about making the trip, then you need to plan to do some of the below activities.

Laguna del Diamante in Mendoza, Argentina

Found in the southwest of Mendoza, Laguna del Diamante is set on a province with great pasture and valets. This place is not well known but can give you an unforgettable travel experience. The...

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