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Mo'orea Sunset

Paradise On Earth On Mo’orea Island Of French Polynesia

Visiting Mo'orea is as close as you can get to paradise, according to those who have already been there. The volcanic island of French Polynesia is filled with bungalows that attract newlyweds but also...

Top 10 Things That Will Make You Want to Visit Zakynthos at Least Once...

This small island in Greece is a very popular tourist attraction in the Ionian Sea. Mostly known for its lively nightlife, this island can provide so much more to travelers.

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Northern Albania

Albania is gradually becoming the new found destination for holiday fun and adventure. In the Northern area, you’ll find beaches that are untouched offering visitors everything they need to have a wonderful time. Here are some of the best beaches you should check out when you visit the North of Albania.
Rockhouse View

The greatest three hotels on the beach in Jamaica

If you love the spectacle of the West End cliff in Jamaica and also love the fantasy of it, the Rockhouse hotel is probably right for you. Some of the most exclusive hotels in...

The beaches of Sardinia | Scivu along the Costa Verde

According to, "Scivu is Another World, an unusual place that seems to be located  in the tropics. Rock and sand in a great "vagabond" marriage. It is not equipped (thankfully!) since it has...
Koh Yao

Thailand | Idyllic Phang Nga Bay

This part of the planet located in Thailand is considered as one of the most beautiful retreats in the world. A deserved reputation thanks to its calcareous ridges -cut by erosion-, its natural caves, the fissures that...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Sumatra

Sumatra, located in Indonesia is one of the biggest islands in the world. The island is an oasis of islands that features bays that make the ideal spot for relaxation, rejuvenation and recollection of thoughts.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Venice and Veneto

There are so many beaches in Veneto. So, for your convenience, we have selected some of the most beautiful ones that most people love to visit.

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