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Travel experience combined with the world’s oceans and seas including the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic & Southern Oceans, and Mediterranean described by our traveling team

Why Summer Is a Great Time to Visit Thailand

Look at most travel guides and they will tell you that the best time to visit Thailand is over the British winter and into early spring. This is because the period from November to...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Southern Albania

We’ve selected some of the top beaches in Southern Albania, frequently visited by tourists and locals.

5 Dreamy Destinations to Celebrate a Beach Wedding

Would you dare to celebrate a completely different and unique wedding? Imagine an unforgettable ceremony with your feet on the sand and the turquoise sea a few meters away.

Exploring the East Coast of Malaysia

The east coast of Malaysia runs through the states of Johor, the innermost Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. There are beautiful beaches of fine white sand, tropical climate and numerous coconut palms. It is a...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Puglia

Puglia also has great beaches, most of which have so many activities. Here are the best the beaches in this region.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mozambique

The postcard-perfect beaches of Mozambique are no longer hidden gems. Mozambique may not be the richest country in the world but what nature has blessed it with cannot be compared to even the richest of countries. Ever visited Mozambique? These are the most beautiful beaches that you should see when you visit the country.

Weekend in Istanbul | What to do in Istanbul for 2 days

Istanbul: two days are not enough to cover the whole of this vast and magnificent city or, even briefly, a part of its history. But let us guide you through the city even if...

Strandkörbe | The strange chairs of Borkum in Germany

Strandkörbe, literally means trash from the beach, so as to create original and colorful ambience. It is a bit anarchistic for the tastes of the photographer who did the shooting (German), a place that...

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