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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Le Marche

Italians know how to have fun, any day, any time. If you’re looking for a place to unwind in Italy, Le Marche is a great option. They have everything you need, especially beaches with quality facilities that will guarentee you have a good time. Here are the most beautiful beaches you can find in Le Marche region in Italy.

Fraser Island in Australia | The largest sand island in the world

In front of the east coast of Queensland in Australia is the home of the island that is 120 km long, 24 km wide with 360 inhabitants, long referred to as a lost paradise...

The Most Beautiful Lesser Known Greek Islands

Greece is one of the few countries in the world whose islands are more popular than its mainland. Greece has over 1600 islands many of which are incredibly beautiful but not very popular. Here is a list of ten magical Islands in Greece that you may not have seen or heard of before.

5 Things You Need To Do When In The Maldives

There’s so much more to the Maldives, than sunning yourself on sandy beaches and drinking cocktails. Here are 5 hidden gems you can’t miss.
Rockhouse View

The greatest three hotels on the beach in Jamaica

If you love the spectacle of the West End cliff in Jamaica and also love the fantasy of it, the Rockhouse hotel is probably right for you. Some of the most exclusive hotels in...
Praia da Marinha

10 Most Amazing Beaches Of The Algarve Coast In Portugal

The Algarve Coast located in southern Portugal is an incredible endless series of some of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Europe. Not only are they long but they also offer qaulity of natural...
Mafia Island

Mafia Island in Tanzania | The hidden beauty

The island of Mafia, located just 25 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania and 160 kilometers south of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean, is less known of its "close", but equally fascinating and definitely...
Kicker Rock

The Best Diving Destination In The Galapagos Islands | Kicker Rock

The Kicker Rock is a few kilometers long uninhabited island of the archipelago of San Cristobal, in the National Park of the Galapagos Islands. It is a fully protected place where all activities are prohibited...

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