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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Rome and Lazio

Rome and Lazio is one of the most precious regions of Italy, one you can never get tired of seeing. After spending hours or days exploring, you might want to spend a few minutes relaxing and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches the region has to offer.

The rarest and most stunning sea fortresses in the world

Suddenly, an island of cement or iron, a surprising appearance in the middle of the blue sea. The sea forts were born in the Victorian era or in the II World War for military...

Traveling Tips for Visiting Greece this Year

If you haven't decided where to go for your next holiday, Greece is a destination that will make you experience something incomparable to the rest of the world.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in France

France is a cosmopolitan country located in the Western part of Europe. These are the most beautiful beaches in France.

Top 3 Athens Beaches That You Should Not Miss!

If you are planning a trip to Athens, Greece then don’t forget to add its beautiful beaches in your itinerary.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Kerala

Kerala's beaches with their soft sand, gently waving palm trees and crescent shorelines have been popular internationally for over a century.

The Most Amazing Luxury Resorts On The Sea Around The World

You can almost literally sleep on the water! That's what the luxurious resorts on the sea around the world offer! The cabins on the water, known as "stilt houses" are built on pillars or...

Centara, a fabulous resort in the Maldives

This January 2013 TripandTravelBlog is giving away a fairly mild climate, but the fact remains that dreaming about the Maldives remains a prerogative of every traveler who loves the sea. You should just go...

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