Día de los Muerto | Day of the Dead in Mexico

The Día de los Muertos is celebrated in November the 2nd in all of Mexico, where it is a national holiday, and a strong Mexican community living anywhere, so we should not be surprised to witness these celebrations also in the southern states of the U.S., those bordering the Mexico, California and Florida first of all.

Day of the dead
Day of the dead

It is a party which since 2003 has been part of the World Cultural Heritage, one of the most important cultural events in Mexico and the world, especially as an expression of cultural continuity with the ancient people of the American continent. Can be described as the celebration of the dead and ancestors, with the social function of remembering the position of the individual within the group and the affirmation of cultural identity.

Day of the dead, Mexico
Day of the dead, Mexico

Aside from the work of sociologists and historians it is even a vibrant, colorful party with a strong feeling, even though for our extravagant taste. An event, in which you can participate, but also preserve the usual intrusive presence of modern consumer society.

Mexico, day of the dead Dia de muertos, Mexico Dia de los muertos

They use many colors and representations to remember their dead, and also the calaveras de dulce, cakes in the shape of a skull, with the name of the deceased on the head, pan de muerto , the bread of the dead, a sweet biscuit that is baked in different forms (often skulls ), lots of colorful flowers, but especially those of cempasúchitl, which are believed to attract the souls of the dead and even altars “do it yourself ” dedicated to their dead. Something very special, that explains so much of Mexico.

By Ina K

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