Exploring The Way Between Sydney And Brisbane

East Coast

The East Coast of Australia is a widely desirable destination for many international and local travellers alike. There are many attractions and activities along the way, no matter where the start and end point is going to be. While Australia is not the cheapest place to travel, the road trips are budgetable, people are friendly and weather is charming. You cannot put a price on the unforgettable experience, memories and views.

Sydney to Brisbane is one popular route along the East Coast of Australia. This route offers a taste of Australia from all sorts. Whether travelling solo or with the family, it takes the adventurers up close and personal with sandy beaches, lush forests, green plains, and busy metropolitans.

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Sydney to Brisbane

The Sydney to Brisbane route otherwise known as the legendary Pacific Coast Drive is 927 km in distance, by plane, Sydney to Brisbane will only take 30 minutes, but by car it will take around 10 hours.
The drive kicks off in the lively metropolitan of Sydney, where there are endless activities and attractions that will always keep you busy.

Start off by heading North out of the busy Sydney traffic, 2 hours out of the CBD you will hit the Central Coast, with popular beach side suburbs such as Terrigal and Avoca it has an alluring mix of attractions surrounded by natural beauty.

There is plenty of activities like kayaking, wildlife watching, mountain biking and much more.‘The Entrance’ is also a popular spot that showcases a beautiful lake with a huge pelican population.


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Heading further north from the Central Coast along the coastline, this drive takes you past some of the most striking views of NSW with a continuous line of beaches and rolling green hills. Passing some fantastic destinations such as Newcastle, Port Stephens, Port Macquarie, Nambucca, Coffs Harbour, and many more!

Port Macquarie is about halfway from Brisbane and offers beautiful beaches, it is simply a paradise of natural attractions, outdoor activities and great restaurants.

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Continuing along the route, the laidback town of Byron Bay shall be reached. You will be captivated by the gorgeous beaches and breathtaking bushwalks. You can even take upon more thrilling activities such as hot-air ballooning, tandem skydiving or hang-gliding.

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Brisbane and the Gold coast is in clear sights now, reaching the metropolitan it has equally as many things to do there like Sydney. It makes a perfect end goal destination because of its thrilling theme parks, the best that Australia has to offer, fantastic beaches, stunning national parks and abundance of water activities.

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This road trip is advised to take at least 2 weeks or more to explore, spending a few days in some destinations to fully experience the getaway. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time travelling with only minimal sightseeing and activities. Rent a place, go to the beach, grab a nice feed, or do some thrilling activities.

This road trip is quite demanding; make sure friends and/or family know your itinerary. Australia is perfect for road-tripping, with a car, motorhome, and caravan or even campervan, the roads are excellent and there are plenty of safe stopovers with brilliant views. There is plenty of accommodation types available for any type of traveller along the way, from camping, glamping, hostels, cottages, and hotels to retreats.

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There are guided tours for those that don’t want to drive or if travelling solo. For those that love the flexibility and comfort of their own car, just make sure the car is serviced before attempting this long drive. That the tyres are checked, fluids are filled, tank is full, lights in working order and the car battery is in check.

This trip can be done from the bottom up or bottom down and is great all year around, just pack the proper clothes. Some travellers takes it up a notch and either start from Melbourne or end all the way at Cairns or Cape York. There are many routes to travel on, driving Sydney to Brisbane is one that easily showcases all shades of Australia, truly being an ultimate Aussie experience.

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If you are new to the roads, drive on the left and do not speed there are constant highway patrol’s observing the distance. So bring along a gps and take extra care and enjoy the great rugged but gentle edges of the East Coast of Australia.

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