New Year’s Eve in Berlin 2012: Where to go and What to do

It seems too early to start planning your New Year’s Eve? Perhaps yes, if you plan to pass it at home (I doubt that). Maybe not, if you plan to fly out in order to greet the 2012 nearby the shooting firecrackers in the cold nights of northern Europe, now it is your time. For example, if you plan to spend New Year in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate is the destination. You should admire the fine beers and the uncorking champagne instead of the usual (or even both at once). But, in order to do that you must gear up to find a good hotel / a hostel / and relay to spend nights and a good offer in the city.

New Year's Eve in Berlin
New Year's Eve in Berlin

But once these little formalities finish you should also study the best way to celebrate the night of December 31, 2011 (and leave back this unlucky year). The public festivities, those in the square will be held on the road “Strasse des 17. Juni,” the long road that stretches from the “Brandenburg Gate” and the “Victory Column”. Don’t worry, two miles and eighty thousand square feet of party lights, fireworks, food stands, beer and art installations will make this adventure worth the money that you are going to spend.

By Elsi H

Travel photo: bby

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