The Most Beautiful Cemeteries In The World

While cemeteries are not a pleasant place to be in, we can’t deny that some of them as so well designed and built that they look like pieces of art. Every culture with distinctive traditions and rites has different types of cemeteries. Below is virtual tour around the planet of the most beautiful and impressive cemeteries.

For example, in Scotland traditionally cemeteries are open at all hours of the day, so that the souls of any Scottish deceased can come and relax at any time. This has resulted in countless urban legends. Right there, in Edinburgh, is located one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, Greyfriars, known by many for paranormal events and also has served as inspiration to J.K. Rowling to choose the names of her characters in Harry Potter.


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Another notable cemetery is the Parisian Père-Lachaise, where lie personalities like Honore de Balzac, Maria Callas, Frédéric Chopin, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde, among many others . If we go to Spain, we find the cemetery of Luarca, one of the most beautiful in the world, where Severo Ochoa is buried. And while in the United States, is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where many personalities from the world of culture such as George Harrison, Johnny Ramone, Yma Sumac and Don Adams are buried.


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But there are also many others known for their curious arrangement or their fascinating history such as colorful Merry Cemetery in Romania, the cemetery of Oaxaca in Mexico, which becomes a real feast during the Day of the Dead, or the Iraqi Wadi-us-Salaam, the largest in the world where there are an estimated 5 million people buried. Another with an amazing story is the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, honoring those Americans who lost their lives contributing to the fall of the Nazis in the famous landing.


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