Top 10 Tips For Traveling Via Motorcycle

If you’re in need of a vacation, you may be thinking of hopping on a jet and flying to a new location. While that can be great most of the time, why not do your traveling on the back of your motorcycle? You already know how good it feels to have the wind at your back, and the road stretched in front of you, so why not have that feeling on your next journey?

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then strap your motorcycle parts together and take a look at these tips for traveling on the back of a bike.

Don’t Ride More Than You Have To

If you’ve never taken a long-distance motorcycle ride before, then you will be amazed at how exhausting it will be. If this is your first outing, don’t stretch yourself too thin. You may think seven hours on the road won’t be too much, but once you’re out there, you’ll find out the hard truth.

Motorcycle on the road

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Stay Hydrated

When driving in a car, you have the added benefit of being able to drink while you steer. On a motorcycle, that’s not an option. Don’t be afraid to pull over and take a swig whenever you feel thirsty. Also, take off your Arai full face helmet when you drink so you can feel some fresh air for a little bit.

Stay Clean

After a full day on the road, you will be dirty and gross. Be sure to plan for all the cleaning you will have to do, from laundering your clothes to taking a hot shower whenever possible. Otherwise, you’ll feel miserable the whole way.

Stop Whenever You Can

Not only should you regularly stop to rest your body, but you should also take in the sights on your way. Traveling on a motorcycle is more about the journey, not making great time.

Start and Finish Early

The best time to ride is early in the morning and the best time to finish is before the sun goes down. While night riding will have less traffic, it will be much colder and harder to be seen as well as see where you are.


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Use Technology to Your Advantage

These days, we all have GPS navigators in our pockets. Don’t be afraid to use it every chance you get. Also, one of the best motorcycle parts you can get is an adapter so you can charge your phone while riding.

Wear Earplugs

If you take a long trip without earplugs, you won’t want to do it ever again, trust us.

Sit Right

Being on the road for hours on end can be super uncomfortable if you aren’t positioned correctly. Be sure to get your posture situated well; otherwise, you’ll be stopping way more than you should.

Inspect Your Bike Constantly

Taking a long trip puts a lot of wear and tear on your motorcycle. Whenever you stop, be sure to check everything from your BikeMaster brakes to your exhaust line, just to be safe.

Plan for Bad Weather

No matter where you go, bad weather will happen. Plan accordingly and wear proper clothes that will regulate your body temperature. Always assume the worst.

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