Top 5 Electric Bike Expeditions In The World

Electric Bikes are taking the world by storm lately thanks to their efficiency and Eco-friendliness. Thus today we’re taking a look at some of the best electric bike expeditions that have taken place around the world. These inspiring stories will perhaps motivate you to start your own adventure on your electric bike and help you plan it better! Here are 5 stories of epic trips on electric bikes!

Trans-American Electric Bike Tour


The Trans-American Electric Bike Tour was a ride-of-a-lifetime as the participants described. The tour was nearly 6500 kilometers long and went from coast to coast in the United States. It began in New York City in 2012 and and had as finish line San Francisco. The journey took a little bit over 2 months.

Electric Bike World Tour

Guim Valls Teruel is a well known Spanish biker and adventurer who in 2009 managed to travel around the world on his electric bike (for those who don’t know, it has integrated electric motor which can assist you pedal power). It took him 3 whole years to do it but was one of the most satisfying experiences of his life. Since then he has set an example that many have followed.

Tour de Sahara


Susanne Bruesch and Sebastian Plog set out to cross the Sahara desert in February 2011. Their journey covered over 2000 kilometers. Susanne was a journalist and Sebastian was an electric bike dealer at the time. It was an incredible feat to be able to traverse the harsh desert and alpine landscape of Sahara. With them, they had solar trailers which helped them recharge their bikes. The terrain they crossed was not gentle but they’re journey will be remember as the first crossing the desert on electric bikes.

18,000 km Around Australia


At 28 years old, Maximilian Semsch, a German explorer, decided to make a journey around Australia. He started in the beginning of 2012 in Sydney and crossed over 18.000 kilometer to finish the perimeter of the island continent. In the end, he managed to reach his goal, the starting point after half a year.

E-Bike Journey Across Canada

Following the Australian expedition, we have the Canadian expedition. Justin Lemire-Elmore in one month’s time managed to ride his electric bike across the country. He started at Vancouver and made it all the way to Halifax in a very short time. It is said that he put together his bike on his own and make it convenient to hold his things while traveling. He made most of the bikes components on his own and went on to have an incredible unforgettable journey with it!

So what do you think about these expedition? Feeling a bit more inspired to give your own little adventure a try? If you already have make sure to write us about your experience and the difficulties that you encountered.

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