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When winter comes and with it the fog and rain you may feel a sudden need for sun. The temptation to give in and enjoy a few days of complete rest and relaxation on a beach bathed in the hot summer is very strong. Why not think about traveling to Maldives? Of course, it is not a destination that is just around the corner but the journey to the Maldives because of the dramatic environmental feature that has made it famous, makes it an earthly paradise and one of the favorite destinations for tourists seeking the sun. It is also loved by those looking for Maldives honeymon deals!

The Maldives is a winding garland of small islands extending along the Indian Ocean, as revealed by the origin of the name, the Sanskrit term “Malodheep” meaning garland. The mostly uninhabited islands are small, less than 2 miles long. Small plots of land immersed amidst coral reefs, grouped into 26 atolls where the sea is the sole and absolute protagonist. From Hulhule Airport speedboats, seaplanes or classical dhoni take tourists on the atolls. Ari, Nord Male and South Male offer more modern structures, while for those who want absolute tranquility in a pristine environment there are ideal inaccessible atolls or Baa and Raa which are yet not inhabited. It was not long ago that the only way to reach the lost islands were the dhoni, the typical boats of the Maldives, covering the distance to the most remote atolls and requiring several hours of travel, even days.

Maldives Beach
Maldives Beach

In land, in any of the 199 inhabited islands of which 74 are occupied by tourist villas, we find a prototype of white sand beaches with coconut palms, which represents a key resource on small islands. Nuts are used to give Maldivians and tourists a refreshing drink and are important in most Maldives dishes as ingredients. The wood is used for construction of traditional boats. The palm leaves are woven to create a variety of objects.

Of course the real treasure of the Maldives consists not of that which can be seen on the surface, but the rich reef or coral reefs located a short distance from the coast and the varieties of fish that surround it.

Maldives photos: Marcin Baranowski.

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