Traveling with your pet – what do you need to know

The only thing that we do like are the holidays and many families want to bring along their dogs. Given the opportunity to travel with the dog, it requires good planning and to consider a number of issues that can make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Traveling with your pet
Traveling with your pet

Let’s see what are the things that need to be considered:


Before embarking on a journey I recommend a visit to the vet for a check up and vaccines that are administered according to the place that you are going to. If your dog follows any treatment that needs supplies of medicines for the entire trip you need to care if it as it may be difficult to find it in the country that you are.


It is very important to carry a bag for the dog in which you should include:
– A towel, a shampoo, a brush and a deworming spray. I recommend using a water-less shampoo to make it easier to clean your dog while traveling – See the top brands on PetKeen.
– The collar , the leash and the muzzle. Moreover, the latter is necessary even if the dog is not dangerous because in some countries it is mandatory.

Food: the best option is having a dry one rather than cans.
– A bottle of fresh water for the journey.
-A grid separation if you are going to travel by car.
– A harness with a seatbelt attachment.
-An different carrier in case of having a  small dogs.
– A container for the waste collection.
– Your dog´s favorite toys and a blanket.


Whether it is going to be by plane, train or a ship, there are  various companies that determine whether and how the animals can travel. The car is the simplest and the more convenient way to travel with your dog. When necessary the animal can get out, walk, eat, drink and do his $%&. If the dog is not used to cars and vehicles  then you should do take the dog out before short trips to get him used to a longer ones. The safest way to travel for both the animal and for the other passengers is only when there is communion with the interior of the car (internal movements). The animal should be quiet (not chained) and it should not distract the driver’s vision . But if you travel on the first seat, you should bring a towel or blanket to protect the upholstery of the car and give to the dog something familiar. On the way you should not let the dog to put his head out the window because it can cause ear infections and conjunctivitis. Additionally, you should stop every two or three hours for the dog so he can stretch his legs, drink and do his $%&.

Do not ever leave it locked in the trunk because the dogs often suffer from claustrophobia. When you stop remember not to leave the dog  in the car only (even if it is a shade) because if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees the dog can also undergo a lethal heat shock.On the trains you can travel with your pet of any size, including a muzzle and leash. Particularly, small dogs (kept at an appropriate place no larger than 70x30x50) are free of charge in the first and the second class of the classes of train.  The guide dog for the blind people can travel on all the trains for free , without an obligation.
Air travel is generally not very welcome for the animals, and the dog is not an exception to this rule, so try not be irritated by this statement 🙂 At the time of the flight reservation it is necessary to communicate with the company’s with the presence of your dog with you and you should inquire about vaccinations and how the host of that particular country welcomes them, as well as the animal health book, and do not for get to bring a safety certificate issued by the veterinarian attesting your dog´s health.


Since 2004, dogs and cats traveling in the member states of the European Union need a European passport. A passport for pets which must be requested at least a month before your trip.
The owner can get the passport at the local health authorities which will assess the presence of a microchip inserted under the skin. The passport certifies the data of the owner as well as all the animal vaccinations against diseases.
Enjoy your trip with your best friends—the animals 🙂

By Angela B
Photo: IrinaK

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