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A Guide to Getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa

Australia’s the ‘lucky country’. Known for our sunny skies, natural wonders and laidback lifestyle, it’s no wonder people want to come and visit Down Under!

A Few Things You Haven’t Heard About Mexico

Mexico is like an open-air museum, in which the Spanish culture intertwines with ancient Aztec, Toltec, and Mayan heritage. This country is always surprising!
Lake Cuomo, Italy

5 Curious Things You Didn’t Know About Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations within Europe. The Italian cuisine, unique coffees, world heritage sites and important religious structures are usually part of everyone’s plan while visiting Italy. However, the truth is...
St. Basil

Why Visit Russia? Why Not?

Russia is in the public consciousness today, mostly as America’s biggest antagonist. While not as financially mighty as China, nor as brashly anti-American as some secondary world powers, Russia simply represents a different way...
Costa Rica

What to Pack for an Adventure Through Central America

Tours through Central America are a great way to see a number of countries with differing cultures during a single vacation. And while many tour companies offer advice on what to bring, take it...

Jobs to do in China to travel longer

China, commonly known as the Land of Dragons, has one of the world’s fastest growing economies at the moment. No surprise that thousands of travelers decide to stay here a bit longer than planned...

Winter Holidays In Norway Are Amazing

Winter in Norway is one of the coldest you can live, and yet more and more people anticipate these dates to enjoy the charm of this country in all its splendor. The truth is that...

Quilotoa Crater Lake | The Pearl Of The Ecuadorian Andes

Quilotoa is a volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes whose crater has formed into what is commonly called a crater lake. It is 3 km long and 250 meters deep, so it's part of the largest...