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Enjoy the view from the best rooftop bars around the world

The latest fashion for cocktails and after dinner is to meet at bar with panoramic terrace, or Rooftop Bars, which are now present in the most important cities in the world. Located on the terraces of high buildings and skyscrapers, they can offer the customers a breathtaking view. Here are some of the best bars […]

The most expensive restaurants in Europe

When someone steps foot in one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, is like passing into another dimension, where concepts like the economic crisis, difficulties, poverty and misery have no place! The temples of haute cuisine is luxurious and each dish costs several hundreds of dollars. If indeed, you accompany your meal with […]

The strangest bars around the world

Have you ever thought that you can enjoy a cocktail in places not known for the quality of beverages, but for the unique environment in which they are made in? How about a drink at the bottom of the sea or inside a tree or even in a prison? Check out below some of the […]

Choosing The Right Spa For Your Spa Break In The UK

There really is something to be said for having your well-deserved spa break in the UK. Not only is there a fantastic range of top quality spas across the UK but they’re all easily accessible. Even getting to the most remote spa locations in the UK doesn’t involve enduring the hassle of delayed flights and […]

5 dishes you should eat in Thailand

Thai cuisine is rich in traditions, flavors and ethnic mixes. In addition to Chinese food, there is also the traditional Arabic cuisine and finally, Indian, hence the use of curry and coconut milk. In addition to a wise and careful composition of ingredients, Thai cuisine devotes much time to the appearance of every single dish. […]

What foods you should not try while traveling

The testing of new flavors of the local cuisine on your next trip sounds like a very tempting process. There are few times, moreover, that travelers consume foods, unknown to them, just to experience the culinary culture of a place. But is this process always safe? The truth is that there are many foods that […]

Five small and very special restaurants

They say expensive perfumes come in small bottles and probably something similar applies to good restaurants. They don’t need several squares and numerous tables to amaze their customers. In contrast, within a very small space, filled by scents and fragrances, they manage to stand out in what they are famous for: their unique and mostly […]

The best street food around the world

We searched and found the most powerful culinary experiences lurking on street corners of the world. Check them out below! Currywurst, Berlin Favorite street food in Berlin since 1949, is the famous spicy currywurst, whch have praised top chefs from around the world, is not a classic New York style hot dog. The thick, juicy […]

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