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Where to go in Madrid | Spain

The spanish capital has tones of places to visit, offering you modern and traditional tastes and sights. Anyone found in Madrid should definitely visit the Prado Museum but there are other interesting things you could do in the weekend strolling in the Spanish capital. Read below some of the most popular places to visit for […]

Beautiful cafés around the world

The British poet of the 20th century T. S. Eliot said characteristically that he has measured his life with coffee spoons! And it is most unlikely to do something similar, and coffee in all its forms is a daily habit for people around the world. From New York and California to Vienna, Prague and Budapest, […]

Euskadi | Hiring online activities and dining experiences

In the Euskadi Gastronomika program development that the Basque Tourism Agency launched a year ago to promote culinary tourism now provides a new platform for conducting online recruitment for dining experiences and activities in which to participate during a sightseeing trip to the Basque Country. Gastronomika Euskadi was born with the aim of promoting international […]

Weekend in Istanbul | What to do in Istanbul for 2 days

Istanbul: two days are not enough to cover the whole of this vast and magnificent city or, even briefly, a part of its history. But let us guide you through the city even if it just for the weekend. It will be a weekend you will never forget. The Galata Bridge unites the two parts […]

Eating vegetarian food in Paris | The Gentle Gourmet Café

What you see in the picture above is the legendary burger restaurant’s à la française Gentle Gourmet Cafe which is located at number 24 Blvd de la Bastille in Paris, you know, if you look for an alternative dining experience, or a healthy, or even fanciful , just have a seat. The Gentle Gorumet Cafe […]

What to eat in Greece this summer

Let’s leave aside our traditional food and let’s focus only on traditional dishes that are part of the Greek tradition. Meanwhile, we find that by the Hellenic Tourism in Greece has appeared first in chefs that craft generously and are paid by the rich from whom lent their services. Over time the gained craft was […]

What to eat in Turkey

Just as likely, if you avoid the large cities and then calling at small airports in the south, or have arrived by ship from Greece, you can afford a nice tour of beautiful beaches, unique archaeological sites and landscapes that cannot be forgotten so easily (without running into riots and tumults). And if you spend […]

Where to eat cheap in Istanbul

Boncuk is a typical meyhane of Istanbul, which is a traditional Turkish tavern, located in a building of four floors, with a terrace which is crowded on warm summer evenings. You have to try the dishes of the other diners in the meyhane which is quite normal being an excellent opportunity to try more of […]

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