Worldwide wellbeing — 5 global superfoods

While you’re winding your way around the world, sampling the local cuisine is almost mandatory — along with music, language and scenery, it enables complete cultural immersion.

And while sticking to a spartan diet during an adventurous break probably isn’t realistic (or desirable), you might be surprised that there are lots of ingredients, dishes and supplements found in diverse locations that help you stay healthy.

If you’re yearning for worldwide wellbeing, here are five global superfoods.

  1. Scottish haggis

If you’re heading to Scotland, sampling haggis from an award-winning butcher like McCaskie is a must (provided you’re not vegetarian!).

And the humble haggis has plenty of healthy properties.

It’s made from various meats and onions, suet, spices and oatmeal — so it’s rich in vitamins A, C and D, is high protein and absolutely packed with minerals like magnesium, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and copper.

No wonder poet Robert Burns christened it ‘great chieftain o the puddin’ race’.

  1. Jamaican ackee

Ackee is a fruit that has the same textural consistency as scrambled eggs and accompanies saltfish in Jamaica’s national dish.

It’s poisonous unless it’s prepared properly, so please be careful. But after being cooked by an expert chef, it’s bursting to its buttery seams with zinc, calcium, fibre, vitamins B and C and high levels of oleic fatty acids.

These components mean it may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure as well as aiding digestion.

  1. South African Biltong

Biltong is dried, cured and salted meat made from beef or game meat — it’s a South African delicacy.

And while you’re chowing down the best biltong in Joburg or Cape Town, you’re enjoying a health boost from natural protein, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and creatine.

So it’s much more than just a tasty snack to wash down with cold beer.

  1. Italian lasagna

A lasagna recipe isn’t necessarily the first thing you reach for when starting a diet — but prepared carefully, this classic Italian dish can genuinely be healthy.

You can cut calories by using low-fat cheese, use lean mince beef that’s around 5 per cent fat and ensure it’s packed with extra portions of healthy veg.

For your side, replace garlic bread with garlic cauliflower breadsticks and you’re good to go.

  1. Peruvian maca

Maca root is a bit of a cure-all — its reputed effects include increased libido, elevated energy, improved mood, reduced blood pressure and even enhanced fertility.

If half of these claims are true, it’s certainly worth trying while you’re seeing South American sights in Peru.

And if you’d like an easy way to merge it with your diet at home, organic superstore Kijani Living stocks a delicious Macaccino coffee substitute that’s stacked with black maca.

These global superfoods will take you around the world in five fantastic flavours — try them as you travel to keep in tip-top condition.

Which international food is your favourite? Share your tips in the comments section.

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