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Travel through the Winter Chills and Pleasant Summers of Russia

Russia has truly blossomed to become an international cultural capital with a large variety of activities for any tourist to explore. Moscow is also one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. While on holiday here, you can take a cruise down any of the huge, historical rivers, take what is known as the Golden ring tour of […]

5 European Cities Not On Your Bucket List

The European continent is full of famous capitals and large, fascinating cities. And for many travelers around the world, the best of these cities are bucket list travel destinations. London, Paris, Barcelona, Roma, Prague.. these are cities that are almost more surprising when left off of someone’s travel list than when included on it. But […]

Exploring Santarém In The Heart of Portugal

Santarém is one of the beautiful but lesser known cities of Portugal. It’s located in its center and is very popular among Erasmus students who spend several months there studying their degrees. At first glance it might seem small but as you begin to explore Santarém you’ll realise there’s so much to see. One of the strong […]

The Picturesque Town Of Lourmarin Crowned With A Castle

France is well known for having a lot of enchanting small towns all over the country. Lourmarin is one of the most beautiful in the Provence Region. The village is naturally picturesque with the old style of its building and streets and with its Renaissance style Castle. The castle itself is probably the most important and […]

The Beautiful Walled City Of Lucca In The Heart Of Tuscany

Lucca is one of the beautiful cities in the Tuscany region of central Italy which many people miss during their trips. We have to say it’s a big mistake as the city has a lot to offer for curious travelers in search of beautiful scenic locations with a lot of history, architectural beauty and unique […]

The Amazing Capital Of Scandinavia

Yup, we dare to say that Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, might as well be the capital of Scandinavia as it’s the most populous city in the Nordic Region and is one of the most developed cities both culturally and artistically! Today we’ll take a look at the most interesting places to visit in Stockholm! […]

The Ideal Day In Olomouc Of The Czech Republic

Sightseeing in Olomouc, which is probably the most beautiful city in Moravia, is a good idea for anyone in the Czech Republic. You’ll get to enjoy a lot of sights in one day in one of the most important and most historic towns of the country that was for years the administrative center of the […]

The History Of The Colosseum Of Rome

There are places you must see at least once in life, and the Colosseum is one of them. An architectural work that has stood some two thousand years and has a very long and interesting history, which has been portrayed in many films and documentaries, so do not be a stranger. However, there are surely […]

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