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The Beautiful Walled City Of Lucca In The Heart Of Tuscany

Lucca is one of the beautiful cities in the Tuscany region of central Italy which many people miss during their trips. We have to say it’s a big mistake as the city has a lot to offer for curious travelers in search of beautiful scenic locations with a lot of history, architectural beauty and unique […]

The Amazing Capital Of Scandinavia

Yup, we dare to say that Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, might as well be the capital of Scandinavia as it’s the most populous city in the Nordic Region and is one of the most developed cities both culturally and artistically! Today we’ll take a look at the most interesting places to visit in Stockholm! […]

The Ideal Day In Olomouc Of The Czech Republic

Sightseeing in Olomouc, which is probably the most beautiful city in Moravia, is a good idea for anyone in the Czech Republic. You’ll get to enjoy a lot of sights in one day in one of the most important and most historic towns of the country that was for years the administrative center of the […]

The History Of The Colosseum Of Rome

There are places you must see at least once in life, and the Colosseum is one of them. An architectural work that has stood some two thousand years and has a very long and interesting history, which has been portrayed in many films and documentaries, so do not be a stranger. However, there are surely […]

Discovering The Path Of Faces In Cuenca

In the region of Alcarria, near the Sierra de Altamira, is located the reservoir named after the town of Cuenca Buendia, which has many attractions for lovers of gastronomy, culture and nature. However, in recent times it has become especially popular with travelers thanks to the path of faces, a place made up of pine […]

Escape to the Cotswolds this Winter | 3 Beautiful Villages

If you ever find yourself looking for an idyllic escape this winter, look no further as the Cotswolds will surely provide you with a one-of-a-kind holiday. It is home to some of the most historic and unspoilt villages in England, each with a unique experience to offer. Keep on reading and learn about three of […]

The Best Places To Visit In Hiroshima

One of the most touristic cities in Japan is Hiroshima. Its name is infamous because it is the first city that was hit by an atomic bomb but it’s also the reason many foreign tourists visit. The Japanese rail system is great and allows you to come and go throughout the archipelago quickly and safely […]

Botswana Selected As The Best Country To Visit In 2016

Thanks to the huge wildlife that Botswana offers, the African country is one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa. It’s where the big cats run free and African endangered dogs and rhinos can be found. However, if Botswana is known for something worldwide, it’s because here you can find more elephants than anywhere else […]

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