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The Best Places To Visit In Hiroshima

One of the most touristic cities in Japan is Hiroshima. Its name is infamous because it is the first city that was hit by an atomic bomb but it’s also the reason many foreign tourists visit. The Japanese rail system is great and allows you to come and go throughout the archipelago quickly and safely […]

Botswana Selected As The Best Country To Visit In 2016

Thanks to the huge wildlife that Botswana offers, the African country is one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa. It’s where the big cats run free and African endangered dogs and rhinos can be found. However, if Botswana is known for something worldwide, it’s because here you can find more elephants than anywhere else […]

3 Places You Must Visit While In Athens

A trip to Greece remains very appreciated and valued by a huge number of travelers from around the world. If you are planning to travel to the Mediterranean country one of the best options is to visit the capital, Athens, full of charm and places to visit and stay with mouth wide open for its […]

Dresden And Its Architectural Heritage

The architectural heritage of the German city of Dresden is famous worldwide and its main monument is the famous Zwinger Palace, a building which even today is considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Other important buildings of this city in eastern Germany are the Frauenkirche church, a temple rebuilt from its ruins and one of […]

The Amazing Elephant Rock Of Iceland

Surely many of you have seen the silhouette of an animal in the clouds. However, this is not possible exclusively for the skies! It is possible to find cases like this on earth too. More specifically in Heimaey Island, off the coast of Iceland where there is a cliff that has become famous for having […]

Tips For Your First Trip to Los Angeles

Planning to visit Los Angeles, California, but you don’t know how to prepare for the trip? Here’s some useful tips and information about the city in order to get the best of it. When planning your trip to Los Angeles, you should know as much as you can about it and all that there is […]

The Wave of Arizona | A Great Wave That Captivates All

Near the border with Utah (United States), in the middle of the Arizona desert, is located a rare natural wonder known as The Wave, which annually attracts many hikers, photographers and adventurers for its peculiar form. Currently protected within the reserve of Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, The Wave was formed in the Jurassic period 190 […]

The Fairytale Like Dark Hedges Of Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges is an extremely beautiful and most popular part in Northern Ireland for photographers. There is definitely something magical about it. It is an avenue which has big beech trees lined up on its side making it feel like a narrow path towards a fairytale like world. It was created in the 18th […]

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