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Inside the Blue Mosque in Istambul

The good fortune of visiting a city like Istanbul is that you can enter all mosques smoothly. All we have to bear in mind is that when we enter we’ll have to remove our shoes and save them in plastic bags that are provided to you and that women have to cover their hair with a scarf. The fact that you […]

If you want to sleep in Hogwarts don’t move from London | Georgian House

17 years have passed since JK Rowling gave life to a young wizard with dark hair, round glasses and scar on his forehead. He charmed children and adults with his adventures and it seems he hasn’t lost any magic. Now anyone who wants to sleep like a wizard has the opportunity to stay at the Georgian House in London, just […]

What to see once inside Red Square

Having said where you have to go for the “Woow…” to be greater, we’ll explain what you can see in the square. The map we have done will help you to not miss any of its attractions! – Resurrection door: It’s the main entrance to Red Square and the prettiest door for a general overview  of the place. This […]

The day in which you’d meet Red Square has arrived | Russia

When you think of Russia inevitably you think of the Red Square. Surely you had wanted to go to Russia for a long time and many times you’ve postponed it. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement to decide which the next trip’ll be. So let’s take Red Square as ours! Now that you’ve decided it let us show it […]

Salem keeps calling you… doesn’t it?

Salem is a city in Massachusetts state near Boston (USA), it was named in honor of the city of Jerusalem and it means “City of Peace”, but is better known as Witch City because of the witch hunt and trials that took place there in 1692. It receives more than one million tourists from all around the world. This […]

Why you should consider to spend your Halloween night in London

Halloween is often associated with the famous “trick or treat”, the orange and black colors, the pumpkins and, above all, fancy dress parties. Then with its eventful history and mysterious legends, with its dark dungeons, towers and a bloody bloodstained history, could it be a better place to celebrate Halloween than in London? London has what you need, whether […]

What to see if you visit Singapore in two days

You want to visit Singapore but your time’s limited and it’s overwhelming to decide where to go? Don’t worry, as always, here you have us to support you. Don’t miss these places! – The Singapore Flyer: it truly reminds to London Eye (or vice versa) and offers the best views of the city. It reaches you up to […]

You better be ready to meet Doñana | UNESCO National Parks

Let us introduce you to Doñana, one of the most important natural paradises in Europe: From a hunting ground to a National Park For centuries, nobles and kings considered the forests and marshes of the Guadalquivir River mouth as one of the best hunting areas in Spain. In the nineteenth century it began the great transformations in the […]

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