Exclusive flour fight in Spanish town of Ibi

In Spain, there is not only the war of tomatoes (the Tomatina that takes place every year in August in Buñol, a small municipality in the region of Valencia). There is also the war of the flour, Enfarinats of Ibi, a city which by the way is only 150 km from Buñol.

Spanish town of Ibi's flour battle

Spanish town of Ibi’s flour battle

Two days ago, on the 28th of December, the festival of Els Enfarinats soiled eggs and white spots all over the small Spanish town, while the firecrackers were creating the feeling of a real battle.

Ibi's flour battle

Ibi’s flour battle

In fact, it is rather complex and organized. There are two organized groups, married men, meeting in Enfarinats who take control of Ibi for a day and give off a series of ridiculous laws and absurd. The other group, the Oposicio, grope to restore order expelling to the crazy government. This whole story dates back to 1800, although its origins are not well understood and it has only been since 1981 the festival has been institutionalized.

The flour war

The flour war

In action

In action

After the flour war

After the flour war

The battle ends with a celebration which is more traditional, centered on Dance Virrey with the participation of men and women in the country, displaying sumptuous clothes and colorful masks.

By Nikos K

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