The new museum of tractors in Noci, Puglia

Do you wonder what you can see in Puglia? We have spoken of exhibitions, strange places, historic centers not to be missed, and even restaurants and pizzerias, I refer to what is now a museum … a really original one.

Museum of tractors in Noci

Museum of tractors in Noci

I’m talking about the new opening in Noci (BA) of the Museum of the tractor. Yes, you read that right, the one that opened in early May; this museum is dedicated to the peasant culture, but not only enhancing the classic hoes and plows by hand or animal power but the one of the finest collections of antique tractors.

Museum of tractors

Museum of tractors

Among the various pieces that you can find on display is a “Hothead” of ’900, a rare piece produced by Landini, still working thanks to the renovation work done before the opening of the museum. But it is not the only one: the many Man, Ferguson, Fiat and even the crank means, those equipped with rubber toothed or drawn by animals, are all functioning and could return to the fields to do their job.

Tractors in Noci

Tractors in Noci

On the site of the museum you will find descriptions of all the tractors on display and book your visit so you can also have a guide that will show you the history and functionality of these means.


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Tel: +39 3687398732 / +39 3471002082

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