5 Best Places In The World For A Family Holiday

Traveling with children is almost always a challenge. There are many bags to carry, you lose several hours of sleep and deal with fatigue and the boredom of the small. However, it can also be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. In fact, it is advisable to travel with children because the simple fact of seeing new places will help them become more creative and open minded people. Here are some of the best destinations for family holidays.


Cornwall is a charming location that is a perfect seaside holiday destination. You children will never be bored on its beaches. Best time to visit is summer. Truly, Cornwall is great for family holidays.


New York

It is a chaotic city. There’s no doubt about it. However, it is also a favorite for traveling with children as it hosts zoos, museums and countless sites of interest for children. The Prospect Park Zoo, home to about 630 animals, is a must visit, as well as the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, which offers children’s activities, among which there’s a sensory room.


This city dazzles not only adults but also children. In fact, it is a true oasis for kids. After visiting the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, the next stop is Disneyland, where fun is guaranteed 100%. Also what merits a visit is the Playmobil Park, where kids find pirates, medieval knights and dollhouses. In addition, you can visit the Asterix Park, inspired by the famous cartoon, and reach the City of Children, about 1,700 square meters designed to stimulate cognitive development of the children with games and fun activities.



Walt Disney World has its best known park in Orlando, but not the only one. In fact, this city has many other attractions with which to conquer the kids. For example, you can visit the Universal Orlando Resort, a theme park in which stands Islands of Adventure, a space where kids can find different islands that recreate the world of Jurassic Park and the universe of Harry Potter.



This island is a paradise where the sun almost always shines. Besides its beaches, you can plan a trip to Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, accessible to children via cable car.  Another must-see site is Pueblo Chico, a tour of the most remarkable monuments of the archipelago through models. And if you want an extra dose of fun, there’s no shortage to amusement parks you can visit such as Loro Park, Jungle Park, Siam Park or Aqualand Costa Adeje.

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