Guimerà Is The Most Beautiful Medieval Town In Catalonia

Guimerà is considered by many the most beautiful medieval town in Catalonia. There are many reasons to consider it one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia and can be the sole reason to visit Catalonia. Some things you can do in Catalonia include visiting a lot of beautiful cities and attractions such as PortAventura and Barcelona, but the rural part of the region is also worth seeing!


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Following the road through the village before crossing the river Corb that runs right in front of it, we recommend that you take a walk along the river to continue to enjoy some of the best views in town. After this walk you’ll have a concrete idea of Guimerà and what awaits you once you get into its full cobbled streets of charm. We recommend that you cross the bridge and you make a stop for breakfast, lunch or snack. We assure you that the food will be delicious and will become part of the memories of Guimerà.


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After eating, it’s time to begin exploring the upper town starting with the Street Jussà and Calle de les Piques where you will see many overpasses. In the corner of the fountain, make a short stop, to see a plate located at high altitude, indicating the height reached by the flood of Santa Tecla that occurred in September 1874 and in which 90 houses were lost due to the overflow of the river Corb.

The greatest charm of Guimerà is in the medieval part forming the nucleus of the town, a maze of narrow streets going up in an almost poetic way to the church of Santa Maria or to the Tower, where you can enjoy incredible views of the roofs of the village and the surrounding landscape.

Guimerà. Castell de Guimerà

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After visiting this area, you can begin to climb to the Calle de la Capella, a beautiful area to photograph, in which the arches, narrow streets and houses form an incredible scenery.

The houses in Guimerà stand out for their stone building with decorative details on doors, windows and arches that take you to medieval times, which is one of the many reasons why we consider Guimerà the most beautiful medieval town in Catalonia. All in all, it’s a very magical town worth exploring once in your life!

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