5 Best Tips For An Active Vacation

For those that like a good vacation, but don’t really enjoy sitting by a pool or sunbathing all day, we are glad you are here. We completely get it – some vacations are better enjoyed with plenty of activity and adventure, which is why we’ve put this quick post together in the first place. In the information below, we will be sharing 5 tips on how you can get the most out of your active vacation, and these tips can be applied no matter where you are heading too. With that said, let’s kick things off with tip number 1.

1. Transport your own equipment

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The first tip we have is purely in the interest of saving you some money, which is something that is always important. Depending on the activity you want to engage in, it is probable that you’ll need to purchase or rent equipment at the destination. Sadly some places hide the prices just to over charge you once there. Since you need the equipment you won’t have any other choice than to pay what they ask.  Some classic examples would be renting skis/snowboards, crampons for mountain climbing, or scuba equipment for diving. But if you choose to send your sport equipment with a private company, you can actually save money – a lot of money! All it takes is a bit of planning, book online and the company will pick up your bags or equipment from your home and deliver it directly to the hotel.

2. Join a group

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It is the very nature of going abroad that you won’t be familiar with the places, the culture, or where the best places are to enjoy your chosen activity. Imagine if you desperately wanted to surf on your vacation, but you didn’t know where the best waves were – you won’t have the most fun possible. Instead, we highly recommend that you look to join a group or at least seek out a guide for your chosen activity. Since these guides or groups are usually based in the area you are heading to, they will know the best places and all the secrets that tourists would just never get to see.

Although you’ll have to pay for the privilege, we believe that it is always worth it. This is because you will save time in guessing where to go, and avoid any frustrations of being let down or disappointed by your experience.

3. Purchase a pass – if available

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Tip number 3 largely depends on your chosen activity or your vacation destination. However, there are many examples where purchasing a pass is worthwhile. The most obvious of these would be skiing. If you head to the slopes for an active day out, you won’t want to wait in line to purchase a pass each day, and this won’t be the best value for money either. Another prime example would be if you are looking to enjoy some water sports, as many places will have jet-skiing, scuba diving, tubing, and others all rolled up into one package through a pass.

Once again, by packaging all of these activities into one you will save time and money. So, if you think you’ll want to switch up activities and enjoy plenty of exercise, a pass is always worth looking into.

4. Conduct your own research

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This one might seem a bit obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people just read one review and then book! Just remember – not everything you read online is true, and many reviews can be biassed or misleading. Therefore, if you spend time researching your desired activity, and then confirm your research by visiting several online resources, you’ll have a better chance of finding the best options for your desired activity. Some great places to start would be online sites such as Tripadvisor or Booking.com, but it could always be worthwhile reaching out to individuals who have actually been to the place you are going to.

5. Look for alternative options

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The last tip is actually one of our favorites, and this is the beauty of traveling to different parts of the world. Let’s say you are based in the UK – it’s fairly safe to say that there are standard ways in which activities or sports are conducted. Take racketball as an example – the rules are always the same in the UK. But if you travel to the USA, the rules for the sport and the way in which it is played are completely different. This variety can bring plenty of entertainment, which is why you should look for sports that are played differently in your chosen location.

We have a feeling that you’ll have an unexpected but awesome surprise by doing so, and you might just fall in love with a brand new activity!

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